6 Tips to Welcome Daylight Savings Properly

Winter is coming! The sun sets earlier, it’s getting chillier and we’re all finding it a little harder to get up in the morning. We’ve compiled a few tips that can help keep your spirits up and your body healthy as we get ready for winter.

Get some sunshine!
With the clocks moving back, many struggle with less sun exposure. Try to sit by a window during the day, take frequent walks and think of fun activities you can do bundled up outside.

Prioritize socializing!
Spending time with friends and family can help to fill up days that feel shorter and reenergize you for the next day.

Get your body moving.
Making time for exercise will release healthy chemicals in your brain and keeps the winter grumps away. Start small with a daily walk, bike or stretching session.

Snuggle up and rest!
It can be difficult to remain disciplined with your sleep schedule when it gets dark earlier, so keep reminders around to stick to your sleeping schedule. Don’t forget to put your electronics away as you prepare for bed time and try not to snack just before bed, as this can impact how well you sleep.

Bundle up with layers!
It’s sometimes tricky to tell what the weather will be like this time of year, so dress in layers that you can remove or add on as your temperature changes.

Use a warm water bottle to hold heat.
You might need your parent’s help with this one! If you fill a plastic water bottle with warm water and slip it into your bed before you get in, or into your jacket before you leave the house, you can warm up quickly and stay warm!

Give these tricks a try and keep in mind that if you are feeling under the weather, sluggish or more tired than usual, please talk to your parents about a doctor visit.

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