tips for kids to be green citizens

5 Tips for Kids to be Green Citizens

With the impact of climate change on our world, there is no denying that we need to all work more on being greener! Being more sustainable in our daily lives is good for the planet and contributes to a positive future for our kids.

Going green doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, news reports state it can be an everyday occurrence for you and your kids! Here are 5 tips for kids to be green citizens from us to you.

Tip 1: Thrift or Go Vintage

Out of all the ways to go green, thrifting has been perhaps the most popular option. What once had a negative connotation is now both popular and sustainable! There are many green benefits to getting yourself and your kids involved in thrifting. These benefits are:

  • reduced production and resource consumption (like water) of fast fashion;
  • less expensive than newly bought brand-name clothes;
  • reduced land waste because the clothes aren’t dumped in the land fill (and instead find a new home);
  • and less clothing production means less carbon emissions.

Tip 2: Eat Clean

Being green citizens by eating clean does not mean going vegetarian or vegan. Instead, “eating clean” means consuming whole foods (like vegetables, produce, grains, etc.) from local food markets and reducing the amount of processed foods in your diet (like candy, cereals, chocolate bars, etc.). There are many green benefits of eating clean:

  • the food doesn’t have to travel to get to you, therefore reducing energy, waste, time and money;
  • buying locally sourced veggies and produce, or even growing your own cleans the air and the ground through photosynthesis;
  • and contributes to a better state of overall health—both physically and mentally.

Tip 3: Reuse – Reduce – Recycle

There are several ways to be green citizens, but the most common way is to recycle! Here are some easy ways to reuse, reduce and recycle:

  • before discarding something, ask Can I use it again?”. An old 1L bottle of pop is a great planter for your plants, for example;
  • use public transport! No more car rides everywhere, especially to places nearby. Try and walk or ride a bike instead;
  • reuse old clothes. Someone else can make use of your old clothes, and thrift stores around the city are always looking for donations;
  • and learn about proper ways to discard items—be it through the garbage, recycling, or compost. Having a compost means you can reuse your natural items to potentially fertilize your garden!

Tip 4: Use a Timer

One way to be a green citizen is to monitor your usage of everyday things. In our changing world, we generally use a lot of everything, especially water and electricity. Where you can, try not to over-consume!

This one is straightforward and simple: set a timer for the tap. Don’t run the water while you’re brushing your teeth, or set a timer so that you wash your hands at the perfect time and that’s it! This not only is part of being green, but it reduces the cost of bills as well!

Tip 5: D-I-Y

Finally, for kids to be green citizens it is important (and fun) to take part in D-I-Y (do-it-yourself) projects. There are a whole list of things you can make yourself that are far cheaper than consistently buying new products. This includes house cleaners, laundry products, bathroom/shower products and so much more! Click here for some ideas on products you can D-I-Y at home.

While being greener and cheaper, these 5 tips are also ways to encourage fun and leadership in your communities! As you apply creative thoughts to the choices you make, you are being mindful of those around you.

There are so many cool innovations about being green citizens that you can check out here. Otherwise, please remember that whether you’re an adult or a kid, being green is also a growing and learning journey. It will take time and patience, but Moorelands Kids believes in you.

by Angel Persaud and Kyle Dedecker

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