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Hey Moorelands!

It’s been a while since we last updated the hub, but it’s just been such a busy month! First there was Get Jazzed about Moorelands at the Palais Royale. It was a sensational night and Moorelands is so grateful to everyone who attended and helped make this night roaring success. A massive Moorelands thank you to Molly Johnson whose performance brought the house down! We were also knocked off out feet by the amazing generosity of those who attended and raised funds for all our much needed city and camp programs. We were brought to tears by members of our community digging deep to send 20 kids to camp in the live auction!  Below are a few pics but click here to see the full gallery.

An update from the office, a few weeks ago Helen and Cheryle attended the annual York Group Baby Shower at St. James Cathedral.  It was so wonderful to see the amazing work of the Helping Hand knitters and all of the generous donations to our Baby Bundle Program.  This program gives families with newborns a package of baby essentials to help ensure healthy development for the newest members of our community.  Some items in the bundle include: blankets, lotions and soaps, baby wipes, clothing and more.  If you would like to donate to our Baby Bundles program, click here.

Our City Programs closed for the year on June 4th it was sad to say goodbye to our BLAST and YOUTH LED participants for the summer but what a great year it was! At the end of term, BLAST Grenoble enjoyed the beautiful weather by having a picnic just outside the school on the lawn.  A great time was had by all, with some good conversations, connections and food!

At BLAST Gateway, our participants all made rockets!  Sticking with the theme of space (they made moon sand the week before!), the kids made their own rockets out of a water bottle, cardboard cones and fins, a cork, a bike pump and water! Soon we’ll all want to BLAST off in our own rocket ship to the moon!

BLAST participants have also been lucky enough to take part in more Pan Am fun!  Thanks to volunteers from McCarthy-Tetrault‘s summer and articling student programs, our kids enjoyed the most immense Pan Am day extravaganza! Check out the gallery below:

Not only did the volunteers from McCarthy help out on the day to ensure that our BLAST participants learned a plethora of Pan Am sports skills in a fun, safe and engaging environment, they also helped raise money for our BLAST program with the 2015 ANNUAL BAY STREET BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT! The tournament, organised by a committee of McCarthy Tetrault volunteers and featuring teams from a wide range of legal firms, helped raise a whopping $13,857.60 for our BLAST program. We are so grateful to all the volleyball participants and McCarthy Tetrault volunteers for their support!

Finally, it’s almost time for camp…Ever wonder what Moorelands Wilderness Camp looks like when you’re not there?  As our friends Jelly, Lidz, Fisher, Bushwacker and Bizmark open up the camp and get it ready, they have taken some pictures along the way! Here are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago:

That same crew also gave us a sneak peak of what camp looks like right after campers go home at the end of the summer!

As you can imagine, lots of work goes into making the camp summer and winter ready! Great work team!

So excited to see all our Wilderness Campers soon!

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