A Message From Lynda – Fall 2022

This summer, I spent time in the ‘dugout’, where all the kids and camp leaders gather before activities; it’s a busy spot, with lots of chatter, and everyone gets a snack.

When I asked the youngest campers how camp was going, there were huge smiles. For some, it was their first time at Moorelands Camp and they enthusiastically shared that they would be back next summer. They “just loved being at the camp and getting to do all the stuff.” Great kid perspective! Returning campers had more specifics to share — for the boys it was, “The food is so good, we love the games and the dogs.” (Two golden retrievers who live at the camp, give and receive much love from the kids). For the girls it was, “I love all the different activities we get to choose from, and having all these friends around.” They were all excited to be out of the city and spending time in nature.

As one camper said to David, our Camp Director, “It feels so good to be back home at Moorelands Camp.”

Honestly, it is you, our Moorelands community that made camp possible this year! Your support allowed us to reach out to so many families and have campers back on our beautiful camp property on Kawagama Lake, a true change of scenery and experience for all the kids.

Because of you, kids got to play and learn, try new activities and practise new skills in a safe environment, while being connected to a caring community. We are excited to share that our after-school programs will be back in the schools, in person, this fall! Children, parents and staff are all looking forward to a more ‘normal’ experience this September. All our after-school programs will be fully operational — BLAST for elementary school, LED for middle school and VITAL for high school.

The work of teaching children personal leadership habits and skills is vitally important in helping to build their resiliency, while developing in them a better sense of self worth. These kids need academic and social supports to navigate the unique challenges they face due to socioeconomic circumstances within their communities. We also recognize that kids have been deeply impacted by the added stress resulting from the pandemic, and at summer camp it was evident that children are still working through anxiety and fear as a direct result of this pandemic.

I’m so grateful to you for being a part of our Moorelands community. Your support and partnership keeps kids learning and growing year round. Thank YOU for empowering our kids with the tools and strategies they need to succeed both in summer and when back-to-school.

executive director

With gratitude,

Lynda Tilley
Executive Director,
Moorelands Kids

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