Tips to Spruce Up Your Resumé!

Writing a resumé for work when you are still in school can be daunting. How can you possibly have the required experience and knowledge that employers desire? How can you demonstrate you are ready to work with no (or very little) formal work experience?

Fear not! Even if you haven’t worked before, chances are that you have been involved with a variety of activities that you can put on your resumé. Whether it be volunteering (find out more on how to volunteer at Moorelands Kids here!), babysitting, or doing yard work for a neighbour, you can easily demonstrate that you have the skills needed to find a job.

Follow Moorelands Kids’ 4 resumé writing tips to spruce up your resumé and let your job applications shine.

1). Make an outline

The hardest part of writing a resumé is knowing what to include. An outline will allow you to brainstorm the various components of your resumé and give you a foundation to build on when you are ready to write.

First, start with your contact information. Follow with a sentence or two about why you want to work in any given job, before briefly detailing your work experience, education, volunteering experience, and other achievements. This is your chance to shine—don’t be afraid to toot your own horn!

2). Use action words

Employers don’t want to read a boring resumé—be adventurous and bold! Action words are verbs that show your ability to succeed and demonstrate all of your skills—words like “accomplished, designed, organized, implemented, or created”—you get the jist. These words will breathe life into your job application and give it flair and style—and, very importantly, make you stand out!

3). Tailor your resumé for each position

Applying for more than one job? A good tip is to adapt your resumé each time you apply. In other words, consider how each job varies—a generic resumé is certainly good, but if your resumé specifies how your skills relate to what the employer is looking for, you are already a strong candidate. Find key words from the job listing and use them to describe your skills and experiences, and really try to think about how your experience in the past relates to each job listing specifically.

4). Keep it simple!

An overcrowded, busy resumé is not a good one. Find a resumé template to adapt, or even create it yourself—but keep it simple. Use brief, clear headings, and be as concise as possible when describing your experience and education. Remember, you can use any sort of volunteering or school-related extracurricular activities on your resumé! Even if it feels like you don’t have much to include, chances are that you have more experience than you think.

With these tips to spruce up your resumé, you will be hired in no time! Remember that this is your chance to highlight all of your amazing experiences throughout the years—and Moorelands Kids is sure that you have so much fantastic work to highlight.

by Kyle Dedecker

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