Jays Care BLAST Baseball Celebration Day

Jays Care BLAST Baseball Celebration Day!

Our awesome partners, the Jays Care Foundation, have partnered with us this past year to build our BLAST kids’ confidence and life-skills through baseball! On Sunday, May 20th, they invited every BLAST participant and their families out to watch the Toronto Blue Jays play a thrilling game at the Roger’s Centre! Jays Care threw our kids a super fun party with face painting, poster-making, snacks, and games. The winners of the Jays Care Baseball Day Tournament even got to sit in the Jays Care Clubhouse!!! We’re so grateful for this opportunity – it was the best day ever!

Jays Care’s Amazing Support

The day was a celebration of the baseball fun and new learnings that BLAST kids have experienced this year thanks to Jays Care’s support. And what a year it’s been! Jays Care have been amazing partner’s – from training Moorelands’ staff in best practices that get kids moving to throwing baseball workshops for our kids to hosting the super fun BLAST Baseball Tournament in Flemingdon Park – it’s been such a great experience for all our unstoppable kids!

Before taking part in the baseball program at BLAST, 60% of our participants had never played baseball before. And after taking part in all the fun baseball skills workshops hosted by Jays Care, 71% of our kids say they feel more confident – not just in their ability to play the sport, but in life in general!

Here’s why BLAST kids say that playing baseball makes them feel more confident…

“Baseball opens my inside awesomeness!” Rikesh, age 8.

“I feel more confident because it showed my different abilities and strengths.” Aria, age 10.

“It makes me feel more confident because I know that each time I will get better and better. Plus, it’s one of my favourite things to play with my family. Baseball makes me happy and I would love to play some more after the tournament too. P.S. with the help of my dad I think I can get more skills!” Saif, age 10

“I learned if I believe in myself I can do it and I can play it confidently.” Reem, age 9.

THANK YOU Jays Care for partnering with Moorelands and showing our unstoppable kids how awesome they can be!

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