How to set achievable goals in the new year!

Ringing in the new year is exciting! It gives you the chance to look back on the year, reflect on your favourite moments and see how much you’ve achieved. Here’s to a fresh start!

Everybody wants to start 2022 off right. A lot of people choose to set resolutions, which are goals that they hope to achieve by next new years eve. Whether you want to learn a new skill, start a new hobby, spend more time with family, or read more books, here’s a few tips to help you set achievable goals — and keep you from “falling off the wagon!”

Start small.

Small goals are great goals, too! Sometimes looking at the bigger picture can be overwhelming, so setting small goals might seem easier to achieve. Try setting one small goal that you can accomplish every day, like making your bed in the morning! You’ll be surprised how quickly these little goals can turn into good daily habits.

Be specific.

Choose goals that involve specific tasks. When goals are too general, it’s hard to know where to start. Instead, think about what you’d like to achieve, then ask yourself how you can achieve it. So instead of setting a goal to “be more active,” try setting a more specific goal like going for a walk once a day.

Keep a timeline.

Good goals are timely. This means that you will know how long it will take you to achieve it. Give yourself a timeline to achieve your goal and set targets along the way so you can keep track of your progress. For example, if your goal is to read more, think about how many books you would like to read in one year and how long it will take to read each book. Try reading one new book every month!

Help your friends!

Ask your friends about their goals. Think about fun things you can do to achieve them together! It’s easier to accomplish your goals and stick to good habits when you’re having fun!

At Moorelands Kids, we know that setting goals is important to developing strong habits. Think about what you might like to accomplish in 2022. Write them down and check back at the end of the year to see how far you’ve come! Happy New Year!

by Abby Alvarez

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