Alex’s Camp Story

Alex was living in a shelter with her family when she first heard of Moorelands Camp in 2019. When her mother, Maria, learned about Moorelands Camp, located on a beautiful sandy peninsula on Kawagama Lake, she thought it sounded like something out of a Peter Pan movie.

Alex and her family are originally from the Caribbean, so Maria knew Alex would enjoy spending time outside in the sunshine and connecting with new friends. She was excited to give Alex a “light at the end of the tunnel,” a place where she could forget the stress of Toronto and just be a kid again – and she did!

Alex had a week filled with relaxation and fun after a very challenging year. She found her bunk cozy and all the staff very welcoming. Before long, she was making new friends and trying new activities like swimming, arts and crafts, hiking and more. She came home recharged and excited to return the next summer. Maria was inspired seeing the impact on Alex and hearing about the important values she shared with the Moorelands community, especially the importance of empathy and equality.

“I always call Moorelands our family. Moorelands gives me that peace. When I think of Moorelands, it’s like a second home to her. I know that everyone who is there is going to look at her and every child who’s there with the same love that I give her.”

– Maria, Alex’s Mother

Moorelands Camp is a safe and supportive environment that fosters empathy and teaches children how to become better leaders. For families like Alex’s, the camp is more than just a summer camp; it’s a family that provides peace and support.

Unfortunately, the pandemic kept Alex from Moorelands Camp for two long years. Alex stayed connected to the Moorelands community through our virtual programming, which gave her a way to connect with people outside of her family during long periods of city lockdowns. Still, Alex longed for the sandy beaches at Moorelands Camp and her mother wished for another summer of group activities and fun for Alex.

“For me, it is important that she goes out there and sees ‘no, this is my world, I am safe and I can be in a group again,’ which is still a little bit hard for her.”

– Maria

Fast forward to last year, Alex had moved to an apartment in Toronto with her family. She was getting excited to return to Moorelands Camp in person when she learned of her mother’s upcoming eye surgery. Rather than relaxing at camp, Alex had to stay home to help her family cope with the recovery process. It was tough to see another summer at camp slip away, but Alex and Maria knew we would be waiting for them at Moorelands Camp in 2023.

You Can Send a Kid to Camp!

It’s been a long time now since Alex has had the opportunity to swim in Kawagama Lake or laugh with her cabin mates, but with your help we can finally give Alex the camp experience she deserves.

Every year, Moorelands Kids welcomes underserved children and youth to experience Moorelands Camp for a one-week overnight program. We subsidize the full cost of a week at camp ($1650) in order to make this opportunity accessible to low-income families. Depending on household income, the fees for a full camp session can be as low as $35!

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