Executive Director’s Report 2021

OVERCOMING: To deal with successfully; to prevail over – that’s been our buzzword at Moorelands Kids for all of 2021.

Watching our staff, kids and community come together last year was a timely reminder that there is much to be grateful for. Your support of Moorelands Kids helped kids to overcome the 2021 challenges of the pandemic. Our programs provide the building blocks of resilience: communication, connections and problem solving. Our staff come along side, build relationships and empower kids to grow – that’s what makes the difference.

2021 was a year of continued upheaval. Moorelands Kids’ staff and programs provided consistency and a safe positive space online. Programs were strengthened, ensuring there was more peer connection time, hybrid programs were created and monthly we bonded with 75 families online at a camp-based, family fun night.

In a recent survey, a parent described her son as “Literally transformed. All the teachers at school, well meaning adults, nothing had impacted my child more dramatically than Moorelands Kids”.

That impact is our intention – that children will be empowered to take responsibility for themselves and move forward with confidence.

Our key goal for 2022 is to work with kids face-to face once again. We are prepared, plans are in place and children are signing up.

I hope that as you read our 2021 Annual Report, you will be encouraged to know just how great a difference you are making. Thank you for being a part of the Moorelands Kids’ community and for empowering kids. We overcame the pandemic challenges and now with your commitment and our programs, we will help our children overcome a legacy of isolation and fear. Together we will help each child build their resiliency and give them hope as we guide them into new experiences and opportunities.

executive director

With gratitude,

Lynda Tilley
Executive Director,
Moorelands Kids

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