Christmas Caring Through Christmas Sharing

Income inequality is rising twice as fast in Toronto than in the rest of the country, with 133,000 children in Toronto living in poverty.  Since 1912, Moorelands Kids has stood in the gap, providing support and programming to over 130,000 kids from Toronto.

At Moorelands Kids, we empower kids and set them up for success by advocating for positive youth development, creating connections, forming partnerships, investing in leadership and life skills learning programs, and leveraging and protecting our world-class assets.

When we teach kids about LEADERSHIP, one of the qualities an empowered leader demonstrates is CARING. Doing what you can to be KIND, HELPING others in need, and showing that you CARE, are all the ways that we can be leaders in our families, our schools, and in our communities.

This Christmas, 819 Moorelands’ kids and babies were shown that when you help others, you demonstrate that you CARE.

Our Christmas Sharing donors gave their time purchasing, wrapping and delivering gifts. They gave their energy and effort, choosing the perfect gifts for their adopted families. They gave their finances and resources to care for families that needed their support. And most of all, they gave parts of their hearts as they SHOWED THEY CARE.

How can you show someone that you care? Can you write an encouraging card to someone important to you? Could you spend time helping a friend? What about reconciling a relationship? Or making a new friend? Maybe spending time with your family?  What about saying thank you to someone who has helped you?

THANK YOU to our donors. You are examples of Christmas CARING through Christmas SHARING!

This past Christmas, hundreds of families-in-need experienced CARING thanks to our community! What an incredible way to encourage and empower kids!

Check out the pics below.

All the best for 2019!

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