BLAST Is Knocking It Out Of The Park

Our BLAST program has been very busy these last few weeks! They have been working on their baseball skills, with the support of the Jays Care Foundation. Baseball is not only fun, active, and about developing your skills, but it also teaches us how to be leaders and work together.

When you play baseball you learn…

1. Everyone has a role to play.

A good coach finds their players’ strengths and ensures that they are trained and encouraged and in the best position for their skills. The catcher is able to understand and anticipate what their pitcher is doing. The pitcher can read the opposing teams batter and throw the right kind of pitch. The shortstop covers second base and watches for distractions and surprises. The infielder needs to know where all the other players are and anticipate the coming ball. In leadership, we all have our own role to play.

baseball at blast

2. Working together as a team helps you accomplish more.

If a player in baseball tries to win the game on their own, they will fail. A win takes the whole team. Everyone plays their part and steps up to contribute. In a community, working together means contributing and being a good citizen.

Jays Care Baseball coaching

3. Communication is vital.

On a baseball team, communication is central to ensuring the team is successful. The coach communicates by teaching, leading, guiding, and creating a plan for success. Players communicate to ensure each job is covered and they understand what the other team is doing.  The pitcher communicates to the catcher what kind of pitch they’re going to throw. The third base coach tells players when to run, when to steal the base, and when to stay where they are. Without communication, the team would be floundering and have no idea what each other is doing. In relationships with other people, we need to communicate so that we can share ourselves, our information, our challenges, and our successes.

baseball group shot at BLAST

Participants at BLAST are not only having a brilliant time learning the skills of baseball, but they are learning that they each have a role to play, to work together and be a good citizen, and to communicate with each other to ensure success!

Every day, our BLAST after-school programs provide a safe, nurturing and structured environment where children, aged 6-12, can develop their life skills, leadership skills, confidence and sense of community.

Thank you Jays Care for partnering with Moorelands Kids!

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