Black History Month Resources

At Moorelands, we believe becoming a great leader includes practicing good citizenship. One way to do this is to reflect and educate yourself about the current and past struggles faced by marginalized groups within our society. In honour of Black History Month, we wanted to share some resources that we have found helpful and informative.

To read:

  • The Canadian Encyclopedia has created a detailed timeline with historical documents and images that tell the story of Black achievements and history in Canada.
  • The National Museum of African American History and Culture (by the Smithsonian Institution) has a curated collection of online educational exhibits where you can experience black history through objects and art. They even have some early education resources targeted to children up to eight years old!
  • Black in Canada – BBC has curated a photojournalistic experience that aims to reflect the real modern experience of being Black in many Canadian cities including Halifax, Edmonton and Toronto.

To watch:

  • The Ontario Black History Society has a curated a collection of videos about important Black historical figures, as well as links to interviews and media sources.
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia has many Black History Month related Heritage Minutes, including topics like the Underground Railroad and biographies of Black icons.

To walk and explore:

  • Check out this walking tour of relevant historical points of interest in downtown Toronto, curated by Museum Toronto and the Ontario Black History Society.

Action towards a more equitable future starts with awareness, and taking time to understand the historical context of the marginalization of Blacks in Canada is a great place to start. By educating yourself, you may spark introspection about how you are perpetuating bias or re-enforcing the anti-Black power dynamics within Canadian Society.

Please be aware that many of these resources contain information, images and quotes that may be upsetting to some readers. The history of Black Canadians provides valuable learnings to educate and inspire, but it also contains tragic stories of injustice and violence. We encourage you to engage with them according to your comfort level and with an understanding that they may not be suitable for all.

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