Advice I Wish I’d Had: High School Grads Give Advice on Making Career Moves

Life is a puzzle, you put it together as you go. Some things fit perfectly, while others don’t, but you always wish you had some advice to guide you along your way.

Moorelands VITAL (Volunteers In Training As Leaders) program helps youth develop leadership skills and positive character qualities that will prepare them to succeed in school and the workplace. To help our participants, before they transition from High School to post-secondary education or the world of work, we’ve created a short series of advice articles: Advice I Wish I’d Had.

In this series, University and College students share what they have learned since graduating High School, from transitioning into University or College to finding a summer job. This week find out what advice they give on making career moves.Anonymous | Business Technology Management | Ryerson University

Think long and hard over the decision. Follow the decision making process that best fits you but also keep in mind practicality. It would be a good idea to have a plan to fall back on if things don’t work out.


Mustafa | Neuroscience | University of Toronto

Think about whether you’ll regret the choice next week. The Next year. Then next decade. And then decide on it. Kind of like a tattoo.


Anonymous | Double Major in English and Sociology with an emphasis in Education |  Trent University

If it motivates you to jump out of bed every morning than you know you’re on the right track. Change is okay as long as you don’t lose sight of you.Anonymous | Life Sciences | UOIT

Ask questions to yourself if the choice is right for you and your personal life.


Nick | Nuclear Engineering | UOIT

When trying to find the career for you make sure your interests are a priority.
While high pay is definitely enticing, you should try to find a career that you can see yourself doing for a reasonably long time while still maintaining your interest in said field.


Giulia | Professional Communications | Ryerson  University

Research opportunities to see what the requirements are and how you can tailor your resume to each position.Anonymous | Practical Nursing | Centennial College

Some people may want to do something then you suddenly lose interest so it’s best to really think about what you want to do since tuition is expensive


Anonymous | Graphic Design | OCAD

Plan ahead.



By Vimbai Chikoore

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