First Ever “Aqua Hug” Around Moorelands Camp!

After her triumphant Kawagama Lake perimeter swim last year, Karin Ibscher wanted to do something equally creative for her latest camp fundraising efforts. Karin wanted help the Starry Summer Night Committee reach their goal of getting Moorelands Camp a new pontoon boat, while at the same time bringing her community together during the difficult time […]

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Kawagama Lake Community Raises $64,000 for New Camp Boat!

Once again, the sensational Starry Summer Night Committee, made up of our cottage neighbours on Kawagama and Bear Lakes, came together (virtually!) to do something HUGE for Moorelands Camp! While the pandemic meant the Kawagama Lake community couldn’t have their annual fundraising bash, they still managed to raise an enormous $64,000 through their “Non Event […]

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Thank you for sending camp to kids!

It’s been a wildly different summer for all of us.  THANK YOU for standing by our kids during this challenging time. As part of the Send a Kid to Camp (SAK) campaign this year, our growing group of amazing fundraisers wrote letters, sent emails and even held an amazing virtual campfire to raise money to […]

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COVID-19 Pandemic to have unprecedented impact on kids

This headline, taken from a recent United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) publication highlights the way school closures, control measures, inaccessibility of traditional avenues of support, loss of recreational opportunities and reduction of family income all affect the physical and mental health of children – both their learning and education experience and their childhood development. Moorelands […]

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The Palmer Family and the Impact of Online Programs!

“What Moorelands Kids’ online programs provide is the opportunity to increase emotional fortitude…” Ingrid Palmer, Moorelands Camp alum and camper parent. Today, Ingrid Palmer is a social advocate who makes use of her lived experiences, including being a Crown Ward and legally blind, to build awareness and promote the need for community programs.  But back […]

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YOU Keep Kids Connected! – ED’s Report Fall 2020

YOU make it possible! YOU keep kids connected! In this extraordinary year, we’ve all been forced to make changes in our lives. Our routines are upset, our family life impacted, and all those daily tasks we took for granted thrown into disarray. Perhaps cruelest of all, we’ve had to practice social distancing at a time […]

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