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How Parents Can Help Their Kids Be Leaders

Being a leader allows kids to take responsibility and control over certain aspects of their own lives. But being a leader is more than telling others what to do, true leaders are listeners who know how to collaborate to achieve success. Many parents don’t realize that they have the ability to teach their kids leadership skills and qualities that will help them thrive. But it’s true! Becoming a leader does not happen overnight, it takes time for young people to develop and hone leadership habits & qualities. As parents, you have a big role to play in helping your kids become amazing leaders! Here are some ways parents can help their kids be leaders.

Be a leader

Leading by example is a really important method to help your kids be leaders. Parents have an enormous amount of influence on the way their children see the world. To help kids be leaders, it is important that the parents are people of positive influence themselves. By being a role model and displaying leadership qualities like listening, considering other perspectives, taking time before you respond, and taking responsibility, you can help shape the type of leader your child will become. Kids can certainly be influenced by their parents’ positive attitudes, behaviours, and actions… but in the same way, they can be influenced by negative traits. Think about the type of leadership you are modeling at home.

Provide opportunities in day-to-day lives

Even if it is something as simple as everyday tasks around the house, parents can help their kids be leaders by establishing and providing leadership opportunities. Through real-life experience, kids further develop their leadership skills and qualities. Giving them ownership for household chores is not only helpful to you (!) but it allows them to practice their leadership skills. If you give your child responsibility for tasks at home and hold them to it, then you teach them about accountability. For older kids, try giving them a leadership role in family activities such as choosing, planning and preparing healthy meals or researching and planning a family day out.

Embrace failure

As parents provide kids with new experiences and opportunities, failure can definitely be an outcome. But this isn’t a bad thing. It’s important to embrace failures and encourage kids to take them as learning opportunities. This allows them to gain confidence and control of their own selves. By showing them that failure is not the end of the world but the start of a new opportunity, you encourage them to keep trying new things and further develop their skills.

Consider Extracurriculars

A great way that parents can help their kids be leaders is by enrolling them in different types of extracurricular activities and programs. Through these opportunities and experiences, kids have the opportunity to develop and advance their leadership skills. For example, sports teams, after-school programs, leadership classes, summer camp, and many more! All these activities, when done right, can give children the chance to interact with their peers. problem-solve together and learn how to get along with others.

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by Cindy Liu

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