Shaping generations of positive role models

Moorelands Kids – Shaping Generations of Positive Role Models.

I love Moorelands because it feels like a family and it’s an inclusive environment. I feel confident sending my kids here because I know they’re going to be safe and taken care of, but they’re also going to learn positive life skills and have great experiences they wouldn’t get elsewhere.” Clayton Jackson

Clayton Jackson attended Moorelands Camp in the late 1990s and today works as an Early Childhood Educator in Flemingdon Park. His daughter Arianna, 11, has attended Moorelands BLAST for the past two years and this summer got the chance to go to Moorelands Camp for the first time. Clayton’s younger daughter, Serena, 6, is also enrolled in Moorelands BLAST.

Clayton’s Story

“Having been to Moorelands myself when I was a teenager, I knew what a great experience it was and when I heard they had after-school programs here in the city, I didn’t hesitate to send my girls. My wife and I both work but daycare fees are so expensive. The affordable cost of Moorelands BLAST has been a big help to us.

“Moorelands’ programs have had a positive effect on my children too, of course. Arianna used to be so reserved and got picked on at school. But BLAST has really helped build up her self-esteem and she’s become much more outgoing and confident. She’s found positive role models, like Cheeri-oh!, who have given her the confidence to be brave and to try new things.

“Moorelands doesn’t just teach children new skills, it gives them the confidence to use those skills in the real world and help them succeed.”

Arianna’s Story

“My favourite thing about BLAST is all the different activities and all the friends I have made. My favourite thing about camp is all the MAPs (Moorelands Activity Picks) and experiencing new things.  I think my most favourite thing is Arts and Crafts – I really liked making Dream Catchers this summer at camp.

“I think the leaders at Moorelands are really nice because they’re kind to everyone and encouraging and fun.  I think they’re good role models because they’re someone you can look up to and want to be like when you’re older. They’re always encouraging you to try new things.

“My role models are Cheeri-oh! and my mom and dad because they all encourage me and help me and show me the right thing to do.

“At Moorelands I learned that it’s ok if you’re nervous to do something new, you’ve just got to try and it can be fun!  I also learned about being responsible and that will help me in school – for example by being responsible for your own things and also being responsible for helping the community. Because of Moorelands, I try to be a good role model and a good citizen.  I encourage my friends to do the right thing and if they’re upset and I see how I can make them feel better and encourage them.

“At first I was nervous to go to camp but then when I went and I had so much fun so I want to go back next year. I’m really looking forward to going back to BLAST too and seeing all my friends!”

We’re looking forward to continuing to provide Arianna and her younger sister Surina with all the great things that Moorelands has to offer. You can be a part of making that a reality. Become a BLAST sponsor today.


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