match this! make 2 weeks at camp possible

Matching Weeks Challenge


Match This!

Make TWO WEEKS at Moorelands Camp possible for 55 Children

Make your MATCHING WEEKS CHALLENGE gift on November 27th – Giving Tuesday!

There is something magical about leaving the city behind and getting out into nature—about coming to camp.

Camp is a place where people are accepted for who they are. It’s a place to be rejuvenated.

In this ever-increasing time of constant messaging, of social media, texting and online peer-pressure, the chance to be where all that is turned off can be transformative. Donald Ross and his family well understand that.

Mr. Ross, a firm believer in the magic of Moorelands Camp, recently challenged the staff and Board of Moorelands Kids to provide two weeks of camp experiences for the kids who would most benefit from that exposure. This fall, the Ross family made a significant gift to Moorelands Kids to fund that opportunity. We’re challenging you to join us and help raise a matching $65,000 before December 31st so that the first 55 kids get two weeks of camp.

Announcing the Ross Family Matching Weeks Challenge 

This challenge is the perfect opportunity for campers to dive deep into camp and leadership skills with a second week. Thus, project DIVE (Develop, Increase, Validate, and Explore) was launched. Alex, a Moorelands’ camper would say, “Moorelands Camp is amazing! More Moorelands is more amazingness!”

Project DIVE is for those kids that demonstrate leadership ability, a desire to grow, hard work and a willingness to apply the Moorelands Kids’ Leadership Habits & Qualities. We are investing in an additional week of nature, nurture and support.PLEASE DONATE NOW to the Ross Family Matching Weeks Challenge. On November 27th, make sure that Alex, and 54 of his camper friends, get to camp.

Please make “more amazingness” possible now.

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