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Leadership Development: 3 Pitfalls to Avoid

Developing your leadership skills is no easy task.  At Moorelands, we know how important it is to continue to grow and develop your skills no matter where you are in your leadership journey. As you develop you will make mistakes but don’t give up! Here are three pitfalls to avoid as you develop your skills towards being a strong leader.As a leader you are going to make tough decisions, whether it is taking a different approach on a project, stopping it altogether, or having a difficult conversation. You have to be honest with yourself; look at the reality of the situation. Being truthful with yourself and with those you work will take courage, but you will become a better leader for it. The most important aspect of development is education. Even if you have already left school or college, that doesn’t mean your education stops. Leaders never stop learning whether it’s a skill that will advance their career, a leadership habit that will make them more effective or taking up a hobby that will keep them sharp. Continuing your education does not mean you have to go back to school, it can be as simple as picking up a book on a new topic, going to a workshop, taking an online course or if you are lucky enough, finding a mentor who can help you hone your skills. As a leader you’re going to encounter a plethora of problems, people and paths to success and often the easiest path is the most deceptive. Not everything in life can be solved or achieved by the flick of a wrist or snap of a finger. Solving problems and achieving goals takes time and hard work. Taking the more difficult road will not be easy, however, remember to stay proactive as issues arise. Don’t let the unexpected send you on a reactive spiral. Stay calm in the face of adversity, be the person who is resilient in the face of a difficult task rather than the person who explodes in anger or implodes under stress. As a leader, you will go through many difficult situations, keep these pitfalls in mind to help your development.



Written by Vimbai Chikoore

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