Program Leaders

Job Category: Moorelands Camp

Position Type: Summer Job at Overnight Summer Camp

Position Duration: June 9 – August 10, 2024

Employment Type: Full Time

Application Deadline: May 18, 2024

Role Outline

Program Leaders are responsible for leading all programming at camp. Supervised by the Program Coordinators, they deliver empowering, creative, safe, fun, and effective programs for participants. All programs at Moorelands Camp are based on a positive youth development framework and focus on developing leadership skills in youth. Program Leaders may assist and/or lead multiple activities at camp and may be assigned a specific program area to oversee and lead.  They will also lead all-camp and section games, songs and skits in the dining hall, and campfires.

Program Leaders will have the opportunity to be involved with a cabin group each session; eating meals, visiting their cabin etc. Program Leaders must have training, certification, and/or experience in at least two of the programming areas at camp. All Program Leaders may act in an assistant role (minimum 18 years of age) in multiple activity areas or in a lead role (minimum 20 years of age) for a specific program. This is a great opportunity to gain facilitation and debriefing experience, confidence in teaching children and youth, and learn how to plan and implement adaptable, transformative, and intentional programming.

Example roles are lifeguards, challenge course facilitators, and land sports specialists.

Required Qualifications

All program leaders must possess Standard First Aid with CPR “C” certification.

***Must have skills and experience in at least 2 of the following areas


Instructional Activities

  1. Skin Diving
  2. Swimming Lessons
  3. Canoeing (Shared with Wilderness and Environmental Programming)
  4. Kayaking (Shared with Wilderness and Environmental Programming)
  5. Paddle Boarding

Certifications Required

  • National Lifeguard certification (or equivalent)
  • Standard First Aid/CPR

Additional Certifications (not required but considered an asset):

  • Swimming Instructors
  • Experience lifeguarding in a pool setting an asset
  • Experience supervising a lifeguard team an asset
  • ORCKA or similar qualifications an asset
  • Experience leading canoeing an asset
  • Experience leading kayaking an asset
  • Examiners an asset
  • Proven supervisory & teaching skills

Wilderness and Environmental Programming

Instructional Activities

  1. Wilderness Survival Skills
  2. Land, Lake and Sky (Environment/ Nature Education)
  3. Canoeing (Shared with Aquatics)
  4. Kayaking (Shared with Aquatics)


  • Minimum Bronze Cross Swimming Certification
  • Thorough knowledge and strong experience in camping, intentional programming, out tripping, canoeing and outdoor living skills.

Additional Certifications (not required but considered an asset):

  • National Lifeguard Certification
  • ORCKA instructors, tripping level 2 or equivalent
  • WFA an asset

Challenge Course

Instructional Activities

  1. High Ropes Course (includes bouldering and rock climbing wall as well as a high ropes challenge course initiatives)
  2. Adventure Team Challenge (includes team building initiatives and low ropes course)


  • CUI Level 2 or equivalent for Lead position
  • CUI Level 1 or equivalent certification and/or experience leading challenge course programs for Assistant position
  • Experience leading challenge course and intentional programs, training staff, course inspections, safety procedures and rescues. Strong facilitation and debriefing skills.

Creative Arts

Instructional Activities

  1. Arts and Crafts
  2. Vocal Music
  3. Dramatic Arts


  • Experience teaching and leading creative arts courses for youth in arts and crafts, musical arts, and/or dramatic arts
  • Strong intentional programming and facilitation skills.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

Land Sports

Instructional Activities

  1. Archery
  2. Field Sports & Games
  3. Basketball
  4. Volleyball


  • Experience and training in leading sports for youth such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer
  • Strong intentional programming and facilitation skills.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

Additional Certifications (not required but considered an asset):

  • Basic archery instructors course and/or experience teaching and leading archery courses for youth.


Instructional Activities

  1. Leading overnight out trips for the high school programs at camp
  2. All Camp Cookouts and Camp-outs


  • Bronze +
  • WFA
  • Experience teaching and leading in leadership training/development programs
  • Strong intentional programming and facilitation skills
  • Goal and team oriented

Additional Certifications (not required but considered an asset):

  • National Lifeguard certification
  • Out-trip experience an asset


Cabin Life and Program Team specialists:

1 male and 1 female

Instructional Activities

Floats have experience teaching and leading in many camp program areas and in cabin life. They may also take on a supervisory role with other program leaders. They are assigned where needed; sometimes at a moments notice.


  • At least 2 other certifications/qualifications from other program areas
  • Floats are qualified to lead in at least 3 program areas
    • Aquatics
    • Outdoor Living Skills
    • Creative Arts
    • Cabin Life

Working at Moorelands Kids

Moorelands Kids is dedicated to empowering kids to transform their lives by providing fun, engaging, life and leadership skill-building programs to Toronto children and youth affected by poverty. Every member of our staff team is a leader.  We work hard to build a team environment where open, frank and respectful communications from everyone at every level is essential.  We remain firm in our belief that hard work, leadership and team spirit will be the keys to our success. It’s really quite simple – people make the difference.

Moorelands Kids’ Core Beliefs:

  • We believe that every child has the right to succeed in life.
  • We believe that every child has strengths regardless of their life circumstance.
  • We believe that kids from low-income families face hurdles that other kids don’t, and because of this, they may miss out on reaching their full potential.
  • We believe that equipping kids with the tools to thrive will give them a better chance to achieve success.
  • We believe that their success is our legacy.

Salary Range

These are paid positions. Volunteer opportunities are also available.