Elijah’s Story

Elijah, age 8, is growing up in a neighbourhood where the crime rates are high and the achievement rates low.

A great kid, Elijah is smart, funny and kind. His mom worries though about the opportunities for him in their community. So many kids there leave school with poor grades and struggle to find jobs. In fact, she knows of lots of teens who have fallen in with gangs. It’s a real and pressing worry for Elijah’s mom. She wants a different life for him and that’s why she wants to send him to Moorelands.

At Moorelands Camp she knows he’ll be surrounded by great role models. She knows he’ll be safe and having fun in the great outdoors and that his eyes will be opened to a different world. But most of all, she knows that at camp he’ll be learning important leadership skills. Skills like decision making and goal setting that will help him make good choices at home and keep him on the path to success.

Sponsor Elijah, or a kid like him, today and get him to camp this summer. Your gift will change a life.

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A Message from Lynda

Who Will You Send?

What is the true value of camp?

Our programs plant the seeds of leadership and character development. By sending a kid to camp you are exercising your leadership in a very tangible way. You are planting seeds that will help a child blossom into a future with skills, confidence and strong friendships in place.

Moorelands Camp is the opportunity to:

  • try new things from food choices to activities
  • make new friends who are encouraged to accept you for who you are
  • learn about positive character qualities
  • make connections with a caring adult
  • be influenced by a positive role model
  • build on your strengths
  • face fears and push past labels
  • be a kid – sing silly songs, laugh, play, learn!
  • learn to swim
  • sing around a campfire with friends
  • leave the city and be surrounded by nature
  • wonder at the night sky full of stars
  • hear loons calling on the lake
  • gather amazing memories
  • gain skills that will last a lifetime…

Gather your friends together, plant the seeds of opportunity for children and youth in underserved communities. Help us! Send a Kid to Camp.

Lynda Tilley

Executive Director

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