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Chris Gale: Supporting Moorelands Kids – It’s a Family Decision

Chris Gale, CEO Angus Systems


I’m Chris Gale, CEO of Angus Systems, which is a small software company on Leslie Street just north of Eglinton.  We are a progressive company and take pride in supporting the community around us.  In particular, we like to align ourselves with organizations that help disadvantaged women and children.

In the fall of 2015, we had the opportunity to expand our community support program. I asked our Marketing Manager, Maria Bo, to identify additional local charitable organizations that focused on helping women and/or children. We found Moorelands Kids. With a good first impression of the work Moorelands did, we made a modest donation in December 2015, with the confidence that our support would make a difference. From this point forward we couldn’t have been more impressed with the work Moorelands Kids does to help children transform their lives.

A tour to the BLAST program one afternoon in February of 2016, followed by a tour of Moorelands Camp by my wife Veronica and I that summer further confirmed the amazing work being done. We were in awe of the dedication we encountered with each staff member on the Moorelands Kids’ team. We could see that virtually every dollar we provided in support went directly to help the kids. We were impressed with how Moorelands Kids provides intentional learning experiences to kids at every opportunity. Simple things like teaching them how to paddle a canoe together. You can only paddle straight and reach your goal to the other side if you work together.

Reflecting on and sharing this camp tour experience with our children, Emily and Sarah, led to our family deciding to provide even more support to Moorelands Kids. Together with the team at Moorelands, we set the goal of providing camp opportunities to many more kids. We are absolutely thrilled with the results!

Supporting Moorelands and seeing the difference they make empowering children’s lives has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Chris & Veronica GaleMoorelands Kids embraced the Gale Family’s commitment to support more kids to camp and expand our outreach and family supports. Their multi-year gift was immediately put to use to provide directed SAK camperships and over 700 hours of increased outreach both across the city and among our existing families.

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