Fresh Air Fund - 100 + years of support

Moorelands Century Club and Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund

As Moorelands Wilderness Camp looks forward to its 100th year in 2017, we feature a very special member of our Century Club – 100+ years with The Fresh Air Fund

Founded in 1901 by Star publisher Joseph Atkinson, The Fresh Air Fund provides children with a memorable summer holiday they may have otherwise never experienced.

Partnered with Moorelands Since 1912, The Fresh Air Fund started sending kids to Moorelands’ camp in 1917. In 2017 they will be celebrating 100yrs of camp with us!

Thanks to donations from their generous readers – individuals, organizations and businesses, The Toronto Star’s The Fresh Air Fund celebrates Moorelands for summer experiences that help kids build self-esteem and social skills in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.

100 years of partnership

Every year, more than 25,000 children attend 100+ day and residential camps, carefully chosen to offer different and wonderful camp experiences.

“Camp is not a luxury but a life-altering experience that doubles as an extension of a child’s education.

“At Moorelands, lessons are taught in a fun-filled environment allowing children to build their confidence, friendships and transform difficult times into triumphs.  Most importantly, Moorelands Wilderness Camp allows children the chance to simply be children,” says Barb Mrozek, director of charities and philanthropy at the Toronto Star.

“The Fresh Air Fund charity is able to inform Toronto Star readers that summer camp programs, like the one offered by Moorelands, are crucial to a child’s development.  We have been honoured to work with Moorelands for more than one century.

Fresh Air Fund and Moorelands: A Common Goal

Our two organizations share a common goal to improve the lives of less-privileged children. Together, we have changed countless children’s lives by providing a lifetime of memories in a nurturing, safe environment.”

The Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund has sent over half a million kids to camp and raised millions of dollars. We support Moorelands and their efforts to help children and families in need.

Best wishes and congratulations are extended to Moorelands as they celebrate 100 years of their wonderful camp program in 2017. By helping children, we’re helping to build a brighter future for our city … and memories that will last a lifetime.”

Thank you, Fresh Air Fund for your 100 years of support!

Learn more about Moorelands Camp on Kawagama Lake and help us help kids for another 100 years!

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