An Insider’s Look at Moorelands Camp LEAD ON!

Insider's Look at Moorelands Camp Lead On

You might be wondering, how could we possibly pull off all the incredible fun, adventure and learning of Moorelands Camp in an online world? 

Well, all will be revealed in this insider’s look at Moorelands Camp Lead On. Here the camp staff explain how they brought camp to kids through our online camp programs this summer…

Here Our Moorelands Camp Insiders Explain All!

During the pandemic, one of the biggest issues we’ve seen is that kids are isolated and it’s having a negative affect on their health and wellbeing, how did Moorelands Camp Lead On help?

“This summer we did our best to bring what kids love most about camp right to their homes and on their screens.  Part of this was the connection – not just the internet connection – the connections with other kids.  We were able to sort kids into cabin groups of kids their own age and for 30 minutes for 4 days a week, kids could sign on to a private Zoom call with 2 cabin leaders and just connect with other kids (and positive staff role models too)! 

It was an amazing opportunity to bring the fun of having a cabin at camp, online.  Some groups played games online, dressed up, did some art, and most importantly, still talked about our Leadership Habits and Qualities. 

Kids looked forward to meeting with the staff and other kids – it gave them the chance to still make friends and connections with others even though they couldn’t be up at camp!”

Cheeri-oh!, Program Coordinator

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insider's look at Moorelands Camp Lead On

How did you make online cabin time feel like camp when everyone was in different places?

“Bringing camp to kids instead of kids to camp was a challenging prospect.  However, once you realize that despite not being at the lake itself, you can still practice many of the key aspects of Moorelands Camp – building positive connections and a community, demonstrating leadership, and, of course, having a ton of fun – the daunting task becomes a labour of love.  While playing intentional online games such as Codenames, you often find the kids, and yourself, energized in that special way unique to camp.”

Bobby, High School Programs Coordinator
an insider look at moorelands camp lead on
an insider look at moorelands camp lead on

How did come up with and create the programming?

“It was very important to us that our virtual programming was as close to our regular programming as possible!

This was a difficult undertaking, but the first thing we did was to think about it with our own Habits & Qualities, specifically to Decide & Plan. We needed the result of our videos to be more than just something fun to watch; more than just an activity! We maintained our emphasis on leadership development as one of the core pillars of our videos, beginning each one with a discussion on the focal Habit and Quality of the day – the videos themselves were derived from activities we would typically do at camp, through some creative thinking, we linked the activities at camp to something that everyone could do at home!

By having all activities be something that could be done alongside us, the videos became more than just something to watch – seeing something that others do (as many videos that are watched on youtube are); it became something that could be owned, something to actually participate in and connect with. The campers were able to connect to more than just their arts and crafts box, but to the staff leading the activity and participating in the activity! We included specific language to change the feel from, “We wish you were here…” to “We’re glad you’re here with us!”

This allowed us to maintain and build in the intentionality and the impact of what we are normally able to provide!”

Fisher, Camp Director

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How did you keep kids connected?

“With Moorelands Camp Lead On, one of our goals was to make sure that we kept closely connected to our families in what was a really difficult time for just about everyone! We made sure to keep in touch with regular emails about what was going on with the cancellation of our in-person camp programming (we know that this was a really big disappointment to a lot of kids when camp wasn’t able to run!) and to give them the good news that they could still see their familiar camp leaders and participate in Moorelands Camp Lead On.

We also called every single family who was registered for 2020 in person camp to ask about their preferences and ability to connect virtually. We used these calls as an opportunity to find out what they needed from an online camp program so we could make sure our program met the needs of our community.  We wanted to support our families in other ways as well so every family registered for Moorelands Camp Lead On received a grocery gift card to help support them with re-stocking their pantry during the difficult times of COVID.

Throughout the summer, we kept in close contact with our campers and their families to remind them about online sessions and to make sure they could connect. If they missed a session or were having technical issues, we worked together to brainstorm solutions to get them back online!”

Jauntzy, Camp Director
insider look at Moorelands Camp Lead On
insider look at Moorelands Camp Lead on

Take a look at some highlights from camp!

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For just $5 a month you can help ensure the future of camp. By becoming a monthly sustaining donor to Moorelands Kids, you help us plan for the future and keep kids connected, growing and strong for many years to come!

Moorelands Camp Lead On Vision and Goals

Program Vision:

Our virtual programs provide personal leadership development and vital social connections for children and youth in the Moorelands Camp community as our response to restrictions imposed by the current COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Moorelands Camp Lead On virtual programming ensures our families and their children are connected to our fun, structured leadership development summer programs that they typically attend in person.
  2. In our programs, children and youth experience social connections with their peers and caring adults to support their mental health and well-being.
  3. By teaching the Moorelands Kids’ Leadership Habits and Qualities we empower our participants to develop their personal leadership skills, ensuring growth and success.
  4. By strengthening personal leadership skills participants are able to start developing as empowered positive members of their communities.
  5. Moorelands Camp Lead On Virtual Programming filmed at the camp location introduces or sustains participants excitement and connection to the Moorelands Camp Community

…and gets kids excited to come back to camp in person next year!