Visitors Day 2020

Welcome to our Virtual Visitors’ Day! While we’re sad not to be able to welcome you all to our camp on Kawagama Lake, we are so pleased to show you around our virtual world of Moorelands Camp Lead On programs!

Visitors’ Day Agenda

  • Watch the recording of the live Q&A with Lynda Tilley and the Moorelands Camp team
  • Scroll down to check out the highlights of curated videos from our virtual camp programs on this page.
  • Enjoy the recording of Together Around the Campfire – a very special online event, hosted by Cheeri-oh! and Fisher (plus a bunch of special guests from camp) – click here!

Check out our Q&A from Moorelands Camp and more on our YouTube channel!

Curated Videos

Welcome to Visitors’ Day 2020

Example of a MAP: Land Lake & Sky

Example of a Theme Skit

Example of an All Camp Game

Example of a MAP: Campfire

Highlights Reel

Together Around the Campfire


Moorelands Camp Lead On Vision and Goals

Program Vision:

Our virtual programs provide personal leadership development and vital social connections for children and youth in the Moorelands Camp community as our response to restrictions imposed by the current COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Moorelands Camp Lead On virtual programming ensures our families and their children are connected to our fun, structured leadership development summer programs that they typically attend in person.
  2. In our programs, children and youth experience social connections with their peers and caring adults to support their mental health and well-being.
  3. By teaching the Moorelands Kids’ Leadership Habits and Qualities we empower our participants to develop their personal leadership skills, ensuring growth and success.
  4. By strengthening personal leadership skills participants are able to start developing as empowered positive members of their communities.
  5. Moorelands Camp Lead On Virtual Programming filmed at the camp location introduces or sustains participants excitement and connection to the Moorelands Camp Community

…and gets kids excited to come back to camp in person next year!