Spreading Holiday Joy with Moorelands Habits & Qualities

At Moorelands, our Habits & Qualities shape a lot of what we learn in our after-school programs and at Moorelands Camp. But the best part about the HQs is that we can use them all the time – at home, in school, with friends and family, and in our communities. As we approach the end […]

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Honesty Matters: What to do if You’ve Been Less Than

Honesty matters. At Moorelands Kids, we believe that one of the most important leadership qualities is trustworthiness, which helps us achieve our goals together. This is why we’ve compiled the following list to explain why honesty matters and what to do if you’ve been less than. Why Honesty Matters You may ask, why does honesty […]

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Spotlight on Self-care for Kids!

Taking care of yourself inside and out is important in maintaining your well-being. Practicing and prioritizing self-care should be a part of your daily routine. Self-care can look like many things, such as making sure you eat breakfast, brushing your teeth, or taking a mid-day nap. WHY IS SELF-CARE IMPORTANT? Although the significance of taking […]

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Teaching Kids About Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is a vital leadership habit because trust plays an important role in healthy relationships and everyday encounters with others. Those who are trustworthy are more likely to foster positive relationships. Whether it is through small teaching moments or larger conversations around trust, you can teach kids about trustworthiness and the importance of being someone […]

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It Takes Courage To Do The Right Thing

We often hear about how important it is to do the right thing, and make good decisions. Sometimes doing the right thing is clear and simple. Other times, doing the right thing might not feel so easy. It can take courage to do the right thing. Integrity What is integrity and why is it important? […]

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How to teach kids to be peaceful problem solvers

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Winston Churchill Teaching kids about conflict resolution and how to solve problems peacefully is an important part of child development. Life isn’t always plain sailing and kids need to learn to be peaceful problem […]

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