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How is Moorelands Kids Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Moorelands Kids understands that Covid-19 is increasing anxiety in children and youth.  They need strong connections, now more than ever.  At Moorelands Kids, we know we are stronger together!

While the landscape is changing daily, our nimble programs team is quickly adapting our offerings to best serve our kids.  Here’s how Moorelands is addressing the needs of our kids through our new Virtual Programs, all thanks to YOUR support!

Moorelands Kids’ Lead ON

The virtual delivery of our after-school programs: learning, leadership and a variety of fun activities children and families can do at home. Lead On is posted every Monday to Friday at 4:00 pm on our YouTube channel and our website. Embedded throughout each video are the same important Habits & Qualities we teach at programs, so kids can build their skills, resiliency and confidence from home, any time! Check out our videos:

Moorelands Kids Connects

We know our kids have many questions. It’s a scary time to see your parent walk out the door for essential work when you’re told it’s unsafe to leave home. Trusted mentors play a big role in kids’ well-being; so we’ve been piloting secure online meet ups between participants and staff. It’s a chance for kids to reconnect with their familiar staff leaders and friends and ask the questions that are top of mind. We’ve also created a link to trusted resources for our families.

Moorelands’ Trusted Resources

An online resources link divided into parent resources and kids’ resources – a source of trusted information and engaging activities for any family:

Emergency Relief

We are also redirecting some of our supplies to immediate relief of families in need via a partnership with Toronto Aboriginal Social Services Coalition (TASSC).

So far we have given out over 1200 children’s foaming soap dispensers; over 500 new kids’ books; 150 Reading glasses of various strengths and 100 Baby Bundles – all to families who need them right now

Virtual Camp

Now that the Government of Ontario has mandated that overnight camps cannot run this summer, we are moving forward with our plans to Send Camp to Kids through a Virtual Camp.. More information will be revealed in due course, but rest assured, Moorelands’ campers won’t have to miss out on the camp traditions they know and love like their MAPs, their songs & skits and even their much-loved cookouts!

Help us build resilient kids! Please make a donation today to keep kids strong through these troubling and scary times.