Donate Supplies

Thank you so much for your support! If you would like to make a gift of supplies, scroll down to see a list of program needs.

If you would like a charitable receipt for income tax purposes, please remember to keep the receipts for the supplies you purchase, complete this online form and bring in your receipts when you deliver your gifts.

Donations of supplies can be brought to our office from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Thank you for your support!

donate supplies

Supplies Needed

Baby Bundles

Baby Supplies

Moorelands Kids’ Baby Bundles would welcome*:


Receiving Blankets


Baby Wash Cloths

Bath Towels

Crib Blankets

Zinc Oxide Cream 50g

Baby Lotion 444ml

Baby Soap

Sweater & Hat Sets (for boy, girl and neutral)

Soft Toys or Cloth/Board Books

*Our Baby Bundles program only accepts new items. Thank you!


After-school Supplies

Moorelands Kids’ after-school programs would welcome:

Markers -thick or thin and all colours (unscented)

Modelling Clay

White Glue & Glue Sticks

Spiral Line Paper Notebooks

Beads and Bead String

Craft feathers

Popsicle sticks

Hot glue sticks

Coloured Construction paper

Brown paper bags (the “lunch bags”)

Gift Cards to ‘Dollarama’

Child size bowling sets


Hoola Hoops

Bean Bags

Skipping Ropes


Tennis Balls

Moorelands Camp

Camp Supplies

Moorelands Camp would welcome:

Construction Paper

Embroidery Thread

Kids scissors, adult scissors

Markers / Sharpie Markers

Tempra Paint — variety of colours, especially red, blue and yellow

Popsicle sticks & toothpicks

Paint Brushes – assorted sizes, especially medium

Rolls of Masking Tape, Rolls of duck tape

Glue sticks

White Glue — small containers 225ml

Glue Gun sticks

Nail polish remover

Picture Frames—simple wood ones to decorate

Felt Pieces—assorted colours

Air Dry Clay (from dollar store)

Plastic Lacing / Gimp

Pom Poms—assorted colours & sizes

Door hangers — cardboard or wooden to decorate

Art canvas from dollar stores



An Update from Lynda on COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and public health advice to stay at home, Moorelands Kids’ office staff are working remotely and our office will be virtual from Monday March 16th to Thursday, April 30th. After-school programs will not run. Staff members are available by email or phone. Please visit our contact page to get in touch via email or our staff directory for a list of phone numbers.

We continue to accept applications for Moorelands Camp 2020. If you would like to make a donation, please click here or call: 416-466-9987 ext. 309.

New Virtual Programs Launch!

We're excited to launch virtual leadership programs while TDSB schools are closed. Check them out here: Virtual Programs.

If you need information on COVID-19 or health advice, please visit Toronto Public Health’s website. Moorelands Kids will continue to post updates about our services as the situation evolves.

Stay safe and healthy,

Lynda Tilley, Executive Director | Moorelands Kids