Brian’s story


Brian was raised by a single mom who tried her best to give her son all the support he needed growing up. Money was always tight so Moorelands Wilderness Camp, which sets fees on a sliding scale according to income, offered the only opportunity for Brian to get out of the city and away from trouble. Thanks to support from generous Moorelands donors, Brian attended camp every year until he was 18 years old.

Although good natured and kind, Brian had ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder) and was constantly in trouble at school and in his neighbourhood. He had little impulse control and the hyperactivity made it difficult for him to settle or concentrate. Moorelands Wilderness Camp was the change that Brian needed. Enjoying lots of physical activity every day, like canoeing and tripping and supported by trained staff, he learned new coping skills and developed confidence as he overcame obstacles.

When he was 16, he participated in camp’s SALT (Skills and Leadership Training) program and at 17 he became a Camp Cabin Leader. He was wonderful with the younger kids and soon realized that he wanted to become a teacher more than anything else in the world.

Brian’s experiences at camp, first as a camper and then as a cabin leader, started him on his path to become a positive role model for younger kids.

We’ve stayed in very close touch with Brian. He recently finished Teachers College and he included Moorelands as one of his job references. Recently, he was offered his first job as a teacher with the Nipissing school board. After years at Moorelands Wilderness Camp, Brian came to love the north so much he decided that was where he wanted to live.

Today, Brian shares the skills he learned at Moorelands by working as a teacher up North and continuing to help kids know, grow and show.

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