Send a Kid to Camp

Give a child-in-need a summer that can change their future…

Join our campaign to send kids from low-income Toronto neighbourhoods to Moorelands Camp. You can empower a child to transform their life!

Research shows that just 3 days in nature can increase cognitive ability by 50%, improve self-esteem and lower rates of depression… Join our campaign.

Send a Kid to Camp!

For Ray, age 10, the summer ahead doesn’t hold much promise. His summer vacation won’t be full of fun, new experiences or nature. Rather, he’ll be stuck indoors helping his mom, Gina, a single parent, look after his four siblings.

Ray really wants to go to Moorelands Camp this summer. Outside of his normal environment, he’ll get to experience new adventures and make the most of every hour of sunlight. He’ll learn to open up and make new friends around the campfire. He’ll sing and dance in the dining hall. He’ll watch the sunset for the first time over front beach. He’ll jump in Kawagama Lake and enjoy the perfect silence of being underwater…

Gina wants Ray to go to camp too. She knows the skills and experiences he’ll gain will make a huge, positive impact in his life. But she can’t do it alone. The cost to get Ray to camp is $1,175. Gina will pay what she can, but her contribution of $25 does not come close to covering the cost.

Please join our campaign to send a kid to camp and give Ray the chance to grow and transform at Moorelands. Any amount you choose to give will make a difference.

From the hot city streets to Moorelands Camp!

Tucked away on 45 acres of sandy beaches and dense forests, accessible only by boat, is Moorelands Camp. A gem in the Algonquin Highlands, each summer our summer camp welcomes 700 children and youth from some of the poorest neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Swimming, canoeing, music, kayaking, archery, ropes courses, arts and crafts and overnight tripping… the spirit of the wilderness! And build into all this fun are character and leadership lessons – communication, teamwork, problem solving and goal setting – the development of skills necessary for life success!

Staff care deeply about the campers, supporting them as they practise positive interactions with each other and with adults, and celebrating their achievements. Campers return home bursting with great stories of their personal accomplishments, new leadership skills and wonderful memories.

Send a Kid to Camp!


"What camp really did was show me another way to be…I am so thankful to Moorelands Camp but I was only able to go because kind and generous people donated. It changed life for me as a disadvantaged child."

An Oasis of Calm in our Busy World

Today’s kids spend their days consumed by technology and social media. As a result, they have more issues with physical health problems, anxiety and stress than ever before.

Moorelands Camp is an antidote to the sedentary behaviours and their negative health outcomes that today’s children face, especially those from low-income households.

Research shows that just 3 days in nature can increase cognitive ability by 50%, improve self-esteem and lower rates of depression…

Join with us to send kids to camp today!


Thank you for investing in kids in your community.

Moorelands Kids is a fiscally prudent organization, run with the highest level of stewardship of the public trust.

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