Why Confidence Matters

Why Confidence Matters

“Because of Moorelands, I feel more confident! Before, I was so shy in class that I never really raised my hand, but now I raise it so much!”

Azira, 12, LED participant.

Poverty impacts a child’s self-esteem, social interactions, relationships and mental health. With your support, Moorelands Kids can continue to empower children to overcome the many barriers caused by financial challenges.

At Moorelands, we know that building confidence is key to empowering kids. Our programs help teach kids new skills that they can feel good about and which increase their self-worth – an important internal asset in Positive Youth Development. We also encourage positive connections with peers and leaders who model the same confidence we hope to see in our kids. Last year, 86% of our LED participants told us they felt more confident after the program.

Now more than ever, kids need to believe in themselves to help them overcome the negative impacts that COVID-19 has had on their education and mental health – what we’re calling the COVID-slide.

When kids are confident and believe in themselves, they’re more likely to try new things, set high goals for themselves and be more resilient. When things go wrong or when kids make mistakes, they’re better at coping because they have the self-esteem to know they’ve tried their best or that they have the tools they need to overcome difficult situations.

Confidence and high self-esteem are shown to improve kids’ performance at school, and to help them make friends and achieve the goals they set for themselves. As they get older, these traits will allow them to be empowered leaders in their community.

“I have noticed Hajira has improved her communication skills and her leadership. She is no longer shy, she likes to talk with other people and wants to be the leader of the team in some activities.”

Zahab, BLAST parent.

When you donate to Moorelands Kids, you help kids build confidence:

1. Your gift teaches new skills
Our after-school programs and Moorelands Camp help kids build and develop skills like decision-making and problem-solving, which make kids feel like they are their own person and can make good choices. Moorelands also teaches practical skills like cooking and healthy eating. These kinds of life skills build responsibility and encourage kids to be more independent, showing them that they can do things themselves and help out at home. When kids are trusted to help out, be responsible and do meaningful tasks, they gain confidence in their skills and abilities. (idealhealth123.com)

At Moorelands Kids’ BLAST, we introduce participants to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and help them gain confidence in their own knowledge. During online virtual programming this year, we provided kids with STEM activity kits so they could learn from home. Your donation can provide kids with the tools they need to learn new skills.

2. Your gift encourages positive connections with peers
When kids are more confident, they are less shy around peers and are able to make friends.

Making friends is easier to do in person, but these social connections are especially important right now when kids spend much more of their free time at home. Our online BLAST program includes two 45-minute Zoom calls every week where we provide kids with time to talk and laugh with each other, play games and take part in group conversations.

3. Your gift gives kids positive role models
Our staff at Moorelands act as positive role models who teach skills, encourage strengths, and model leadership and positive behaviour. 98% of participants across all of our programs said they see staff as positive role models.

by Abby Alvarez

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