What We Do

Bridging the Opportunity Gap

Our neighbourhoods – once an uplifting expression of our cultural and economic mosaic – are splitting apart. According to the Toronto Community Foundation, over one million Torontonians now live in the most challenged areas of the city. Toronto is at serious risk of becoming divided between the inner city and the inner suburbs, the rich and the poor.

What we do:

Through our structured out-of-school programs, Moorelands provides disadvantaged Toronto children and youth with the tools and skills they need to succeed. We teach kids how to make good choices, help them build competence, confidence and character, and connect them with caring adults and their communities.

Youth who are connected with their community and have good role models are less likely to participate in delinquent behaviour. Competent children are more likely to experience academic success. Youth who practise positive character traits such as trustworthiness, respect and responsibility make great citizens.

By supporting Moorelands’ programs, you not only help young people in need – you help build a stronger, safer, more connected city.

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