Sage at camp

Sage’s story

I feel that at Moorelands – learning the things we do such as responsibility, leadership and trustworthiness – it’s a perfect program to help kids get on the right track, clear their minds & send them in the right direction to be successful.”  

I remember my first year at camp, my 8th birthday was the night before. It was my first time being away from my mother and being away from the city. I was excited, but also terrified.  But it was definitely worth it because when I came back home I smiled at my mom and said I NEED to go back again!

Learning what it means to be responsible

I’ve been attending camp every year, ever since and last year I completed my SALT leadership program. Looking back on all those years I can say that Moorlands taught me a lot. You learn about camping and how to canoe and all the fun stuff, but you also learn how to be a good person out there. You learn about good character and what it means to be responsible, and kind and caring towards others, the environment, and most importantly, yourself.

“Perhaps the most important thing I took away from Moorelands is how to be a good leader — how to work with others and get it right.”

“I am Sage because of Moorelands”

Today, I have been presented with so many opportunities in school, out of school and even at work. I don’t believe I would have had those chances without Moorelands Camp. I feel I am who I am today because of camp. I am Sage because of Moorelands!

I’m excited to be going into grade 12 and excited to be coming back to camp this summer as a cabin leader. I will share what I’ve learned with other campers like me. Some will be scared and some will be excited, but I know that by the end of summer, they will ALL be wanting to come back to Moorelands!Thank you to all of the donors to Moorelands Send a Kid to Camp Campaign who have made Sage’s Moorelands adventure possible.

Please help another child like Sage experience Moorelands Camp by making a donation today. Any gift, no matter the size, will make a difference. 

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