Running in the Family

Moorelands Camp creates lasting memories that spans generations.

Since its opening in 1917, Moorelands Camp has touched the lives of generations of campers.

One alumna, Christarr, was given the opportunity to attend Moorelands Camp more than two decades ago, and has carried the fun-filled memories and valuable skills she learned at camp into adulthood. Today, as a mother of three, she watches proudly as her sons experience the same life-changing camp experience that she once had.

A Special Memory
Christarr’s journey with Moorelands Camp began more than 20 years ago. When she was only eight years old, she embarked on an adventure that would shape her childhood, and lay the foundation for a lifelong connection to Kawagama Lake and the Moorelands community.

“My first memory of Moorelands Camp was seeing the island while riding the boat that took us to camp,” says Christarr. “I remember being so excited.”

Christarr had never been on an adventure like this before, accompanied by peers her own age who were just as excited to be heading off to camp, meeting new people and making new friends. According to Christarr, camp taught her what real fun was! There, she learned how to canoe, and participated in activities with her cabin mates such as arts and crafts.

For four summers, Christarr attended camp alongside her older brother, Levar. “I remember seeing Levar walk with his friends to his cabin and I would wave, just being his silly little sister,” says Christarr, who treasures the connection she and her brother shared at Moorelands. “My brother has since passed away, and these are memories that I will always cherish.”

Passing the Torch
As the years passed, Christarr found herself drawn back to Moorelands Camp, this time as a parent. Now, her three sons—Levias, 13; Calan, 10; and Giizis, 8—carry on the family tradition, creating their own stories and connections within the camp community. Each of them attended Moorelands Camp this summer, with Levias attending for the third time, Calan for the second, and Giizis entering his first year at camp.

“I really wanted the camp experience for my children,” says Christarr, who knew that having fun in nature, connecting with friends and trying new activities would have a lasting impact on her children, just as it did for her.

Her sons love Moorelands, and Christarr loves to see them come home wearing leadership bracelets they earned at camp, feeling proud of their accomplishments and sharing hand-clapping games they learned in the dining hall.

“I see more maturity and self-reliance in them every time they come back from camp,” she says. “Sometimes we have to let our kids gain confidence and self-worth in a safe environment by allowing them to go out, test themselves and see that they can do it. Then they come back to us and tell us how well they did.”

Christarr’s son jumping into the lake at Moorelands Camp

The Next Generation
For parents, families or campers thinking about embarking on their own camp journey, Christarr gives one simple piece of advice — Do it! She admits that it is difficult to find an affordable, well-organized overnight camp that has decades of experience like Moorelands does. In a world increasingly dominated by technology and stress, Moorelands Camp provides a much-needed respite—a chance for children to disconnect, recharge, and connect with both nature and peers.

For Christarr, the supportive environment of Moorelands Camp fostered a sense of responsibility and self-reliance, and left her with cherished memories. Now, as her sons navigate the same camp community that once welcomed her, she is happy to share the experience with the next generation.

“The memories we make in childhood are so important, because they are what we look back on in adulthood to remind us that life can be joyous,” she says. “We look back on those moments with child-eyes and open hearts.”

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