Festi-fall 2019

RSVP for Moorelands Kids’ Festi-Fall 2019

The Moorelands’ Festi-Fall is for current campers/participants who have attended Moorelands Camp in summer 2019 or are registered for our fall 2019 after-school programs.

Parent/Guardian Info

Emergency Contact Info

A pizza snack will be served at the Festi-fall.

1. I give permission for the above-named child/children to participate fully in both on and off-site activities and trips.

2. I give permission for the above-named child to participate fully in questionnaires or surveys, unless otherwise indicated in writing.

3. I give permission for emergency medical treatment to be carried out, should it be required, with the understanding that Moorelands will attempt to contact me at the telephone numbers listed on this form. Having taken all reasonable precautions, neither Moorelands nor any organization working with Moorelands shall be held responsible for any accident or sickness.

4. I give permission for a representative from Moorelands Camp to share/obtain information about above-named child from this child’s emergency contact as indicated on this form.

5. I agree to the use of photographs, digital images, video or audio recordings of this child without consideration for the purposes of public education and publicity for Moorelands Community Services. I agree that any such photographs, negatives, slides, digital images, video or audio recordings shall be the sole property of Moorelands Community Services.

6. The Camp Director reserves the right to send a camper home who in his/her opinion is a risk to the safety or rights of others or who appears to have rejected the reasonable expectations of the event.

7. The parents/guardians submitting this application are those having legal custody over the child and are legally responsible for any expenses incurred by the child.

8. I hereby certify that I have read and accepted all the above conditions. The application cannot be accepted without parent/guardian signature.

MOORELANDS collects personal information about participants in its programs to be able to communicate effectively with and provide services to these participants and the community served by MOORELANDS. For information about MOORELANDS Personal Information Policy please click here

Please note, spots are limited. Completed RSVPs are processed as received and at the discretion of the Camp Director. RSVPs with missing information will not be processed.


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