Reasons to send your child to summer camp

Reasons To Send Your Child To Summer Camp

With the weather still being “not quite spring” outside, your child’s summer plans may not be the first thing on your mind, but it’s actually a perfect time to start thinking ahead to warmer months and making plans – like summer camp! Considering sending your child to summer camp? Take a look at some great reasons to send your child to summer camp this summer!

First, summer camp is an amazing place to make life-lasting memories, make new friends, try new things and enjoy spending time in nature. Summer camp allows campers to develop independence and build confidence. The Canadian Summer Camp Research Project 2012 study found positive benefits across social integration, environmental awareness, self-confidence and personal development, emotional intelligence and attitudes towards physical activity.


Sending your child off to summer camp for the first time can be understandably challenging for some parents. The good news? Camp is new for everyone this year! Whether this summer will be your child’s first or fifth camp experience, camp will be new for everyone this year. We are still waiting to hear what restrictions/regulations we’ll have to follow but our schedule will most likely be different this year so that we can make sure we’re being extra safe. Everyone will be learning this new way of doing camp at the same time so we can all help each other out and have the most fun possible as a group!


For many children, summer camp is often the first time they spend a week or longer away from home. While this can be intimidating for some, it is also a fantastic opportunity to become more independent, and build self-esteem. Children get to hone their decision-making skills when Mom or Dad aren’t right there in a safe, supervised environment which is beneficial for development. It’s a hugely important reason to send your child to camp.

Try Something New

With a variety of activities available, summer camp is a great opportunity to try a new activity, whether it’s rock climbing, swimming, kayaking, a new arts and craft project, archery, a new sport, or personal development through team-building exercises and improving leadership skills. It is a great chance for your child to broaden their horizons while having fun.

Making New Friends

Summer camp is a great way for children to develop their social skills by meeting other children from different schools and outside of their normal environment. Not only can campers make life-long connections and new friends, but they can also build positive relationships with role models such as camp counsellors, older campers, and leaders. Making new friends is great for self-image and building self-confidence.


We’ve all missed working together and interacting with both old and new friends as we’ve been limited by what we can and cannot do. At camp, you will get to be part of a cabin group or meet a group of new friends who you can talk to, interact with and get to know. It won’t be the same people we’ve all been talking to for the past year!


Due to the pandemic, we’ve all been stuck inside or, when we go outside we’re required to follow different rules to keep each other safe so we can’t be as active as we might like to be. An amazing thing about camp is that camp is mostly outside! We have the opportunity at camp this summer to be outside for almost the whole day and be very active during this time, something we have all missed.

Time With Nature

After a year of increased screen time, who wouldn’t like the chance to unplug and spend time outdoors? Summer camp gives children the opportunity to spend time in a peaceful environment with room to run around, take a dip in the lake, go for a hike through the woods and enjoy the fresh air. Overall, summer camp is a fun, healthy and really positive experience for children.

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