Moorelands Camp Rental and Outdoor Education Programming

About Moorelands Camp

Tucked away on 88 acres of sandy beaches and dense forests, accessible only by a quick boat is Moorelands Camp. Located on Kawagama Lake, Moorelands Camp offers a variety of programs geared towards your needs. Outdoor experiences, leadership skills, and community/team building are some of the programming that we offer during the months of May, early June, Mid-Late August, September, and early October. Contact us today to discover everything we to offer and answer any questions you may have.

Moorelands Camp

Our Facilities

Moorelands Camp has a variety of facilities to fit your needs. 16 camper cabins split into 2 areas of camp have electricity inside and have space for up to 10 participants and 2 staff members. Each area has a community washroom facility with toilets, showers, and sinks included.

Our dining hall can seat up to 200 people and produces healthy and nutritious meals based on Canada’s Food Guide with an additional washroom facility at the back. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated and we are a nut aware facility.

Finally, we offer a variety of program facilities such as a sports field, canoeing area, high ropes challenge course, our Ports Toronto beachfront swimming area and the Moorelands Hub, a large indoor recreation space with break out rooms for smaller discussions and group activities.

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Available Programming

Moorelands Camp offers a variety of programming options and choices to fit your needs and budget. When you are booking your rental, we will go through a variety of programming options with you that will be based around the goals and objectives of your time at camp. Some of the activities can be self run and directed whereas others need to be run by our staff due to safety standards such as swimming at our beach.

Some examples of program options that we offer are:

  • Leadership & Teamwork Development – we can offer a variety of activities that encourage team building and development of leadership skills. Examples include initiatives on our low ropes course, cooperative games, and experiential activities.
  • Outdoor Recreation and Pursuits – we have a variety of campsites on its properties where participants can have cookouts and learn a variety of camp craft skills such as fire building and outdoor cooking. As well, orienteering, hiking, wilderness survival skills, and canoeing can be incorporated into daily activities.
  • Nature and Science Activities – Participate in nature science programming such as pond studies or a hike around our property. We have a lots of things to explore around site that fit perfectly into a schools curriculum.
  • Your own programming! – We will work with you to give you a clear picture of the facilities so that you can plan your own programming and support it as best we can.

Questions or Concerns?

Have questions or concerns? Check out some frequently asked questions below or fill out the contact form to the right and someone from our rental team will get back to you shortly.

How long does it take to get to Moorelands Camp?

We are on Kawagama Lake near Dorset, ON so travel time depends on where you are coming from. It is approximately 2.5 hours north of Toronto.

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When is Moorelands Camp available for rental?

Moorelands Camp is available for booking:

  • The month of May
  • The first 2 weeks of June
  • The last 2 weeks of August
  • The month of September
  • The first week of October

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What should we tell students to pack?

When you confirm your booking you will receive a package that includes a suggested packing list. Some common items are sleeping bags, swim suit, shorts, underwear, t shirts, toiletries, sunscreen, and bug spray.

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Is Moorelands Camp only open to youth groups?

No! We have many adult groups who rent the site for a variety of team building programming or for their own staff orientation.

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What training do your staff have?

Our staff come with a variety of different backgrounds when it comes to their training and qualification. At minimum, each staff member possesses their Standard First Aid with CPR “C” and experience working with a variety of age groups. Many staff also have specialized training such as their National Lifeguard award, Challenge Course certification, or even their teaching degree!

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Please include a number you can be reached at between the hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm
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