Top Up the Pantry

Help Make the Holidays Happen!

Top Up the Pantry! Every year during the holiday season, Moorelands Kids offers a uniquely personalized way for you to reach out to families in need.

Moorelands Kids’ Christmas Sharing program links a family, firm, or group with a family whose children have attended Moorelands Camp – a subsidized summer camp that serves kids from low-income Toronto neighbourhoods. Adopters share Christmas with their family by buying them gifts and grocery gift cards for their Holiday meal.

Top Up the Pantry

This year, we’re asking for your help to “top up the pantry” of families in the program who are facing additional food insecurity issues due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The deadline for making a donation to the Moorelands Kids’ Top Up the Pantry initiative is Monday, December, 7. But if you miss the deadline, don’t panic! You can make continue to make donations and those funds will be used in support one of our other great programs.

1 in 7 Canadians are now food insecure

Moorelands’ families, who were already struggling to make ends meet before the COVID-19 pandemic, are now unable to put food on the table. Stats Can has found that those from minority communities, or those with children, are disproportionately affected by food insecurity issues. 

You Can Fill Hungry Tummies This Winter!

With your donations, Moorelands will be purchasing additional grocery gift cards to help families stock their pantries over the next few months as the pandemic continues. Please note, once all families facing food security issues are supported, donations to Top Up the Pantry will be used where needed most to support children in our programs. Thank you for your support and generosity!

“I wanted to extend my thanks to the Moorelands family for the gift card enclosed with our letter. This couldn’t come at a more perfect time as I am completely broke until the 20th and have been having a hard time lately. Now we will be able to go stock our fridge and cupboards thanks to your generosity.”

Jean, camper parent
Top up the pantry


How Does Adopt-a-Family Work?

Moorelands Kids’ Christmas Sharing program is a fun and joyful way to give to those in need during the Holiday season. Once you have successfully signed up to adopt-a-family, we will provide you with gift-giving guidelines, information about the number of people in the family, the children’s ages and favourites (e.g. colours, music, authors, games) to ensure that gifts will be useful and cherished. You and your family or group members go shopping and deliver the gifts to us. We then organize times/dates for the families to pick up their gifts. Sign up early (October) as we have a limited number of families available.

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Be an Elf and Volunteer with Moorelands Kids this Holiday Season!

Learn about our volunteer opportunities during December and help us share Christmas with families-in-need.

Moorelands Kids - a child at his laptop takes part in our online programs

Donate a Used Laptop and Support Online Programming!

Moorelands Kids has had to move our after school programs online this fall and we are not the only ones. With more and more students learning and participating in virtual environments, families need support with providing technology for their kids to use. We are looking for donors this year to donate laptops that have been wiped clean and ready for kids to use. If you have a laptop at home or in your office that is no more than 5 years old, you can donate it today to a family to use for online learning.

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Some Thank You Messages From Families Helped