Top Up the Pantry

Your donation can help provide groceries to families in need this holiday season as they face additional food insecurity issues due to the rising cost of living.

The deadline for making a donation is Saturday, December 30th. If you have missed our deadline, you can continue to make donations and those funds will be used in support one of our other great programs.

Please note: Once all families facing food security issues are supported, donations to Top Up the Pantry will be used where needed most to support children in our programs. Thank you for your support and generosity!

“I wanted to extend my thanks to the Moorelands family for the gift card enclosed with our letter. This couldn’t come at a more perfect time as I am completely broke until the 20th and have been having a hard time lately. Now we will be able to go stock our fridge and cupboards thanks to your generosity.”

Jean, camper parent

Want to Adopt-a-Family  this Christmas?

Moorelands Kids’ Holiday Sharing is a fun and joyful way to give to those in need during the Holiday season. Want to shop for a family this Christmas? Sign up for our Adopt-a-Family program, and we will provide you with gift-giving guidelines, information about the number of people in the family, the children’s ages and favourites (e.g. colours, music, authors, games) to ensure that gifts will be useful and cherished. You and your family or group members go shopping and deliver the gifts to us. We then organize times/dates for the families to pick up their gifts.

Sign Up to Adopt-a-Family

Be an Elf and Volunteer with Moorelands Kids this Holiday Season!

Learn about our volunteer opportunities during December and help us share the holidays with families-in-need.

Some Thank You Messages From Families Helped