Brookbank Camp

Pat and Alan Brookbank

“As summer residents on Kawagama Lake and supporters of Moorelands for some years, we were delighted to be invited to tour the camp and have lunch with the staff and campers. We were most impressed with the facilities and programs available to the children as well as the emphasis on building character. The enthusiasm of both staff and campers was evident and this visit certainly established that our support is extremely worthwhile.”

“The planting of a tree at the Camp has a special significance for me as I first came to the island in 1936 or ‘7,” says Pat. “At that time George and Ben Russell owned and operated a fishing camp there and my sister and I accompanied our parents for several summers (including 1939). The guides took the adults fishing and provided a shore lunch with the fish caught while we enjoyed many happy hours on the beach and in the waters.”

“War was declared on September 3rd and we left the next day to return to London as my Father was a Lt. Colonel in the Militia and subsequently raised an artillery regiment which was deployed to Europe. We had a small 14′ dinghy named “Popeye” which we gave to Jamie Palter who bought the Fishing Camp and established Camp Kawagama in 1941. It was not until 1956 that my Father once again returned to Hollow Lake (as it was then known) and with George and Doug Russell and a crew of local men built our cottage which we call “Nikahawe”, an Algonquin word meaning “happy times”. Now having been retired for 20 years we spend our summers here with our children and 10 grand-children at various times. The regatta at Moorelands is always a highlight and using your facilities is much appreciated by the Cottagers Association.

The province approved our request to name our bay “Colonel’s Bay” in memory of my Father Colonel George Ellis. My Father bought this land sight unseen in 1913 and it was only after 40 years and 2 wars that he was finally able to build.”

Thank you, Pat & Alan, for sharing your story with us and for passing on these historic photos when you joined us for this year’s Visitors’ Day.Moorelands Logo - help us help kidsGot a Moorelands story to share? We’d love to hear it! To share your story, contact Helen – (416) 466-9987 ext. 312 or click the link below.


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