Aamna’s Moorelands Story

“Moorelands made me believe I deserve to succeed.”

Aamna at Get JAMAamna began her Moorelands journey at the Valley Park Youth Lead Excel Demonstrate (LED) program in grade 8 and went on to attend the Moorelands MG Leadership Program. She has also volunteered and worked at our City Summer Day Camp and our Budding Leaders After-school Teams (BLAST). This fall she begins her Political Science degree at Queens University.

“I live in a high priority community, where the graduation rates are relatively low, and the crime rate is high. So many people I know grow up thinking they are not capable of doing anything…talented, intelligent people who just don’t get the opportunities to do something with their lives.

“I was scared, a timid young girl lacking in self-esteem, when I first joined Moorelands. I was convinced that I was not going to do much in life. Who was I, an immigrant girl, not that smart, not that rich, not that charismatic, to succeed?  It’s a question that haunted not just me, but so many other people I know. Who am I to succeed?

“And that’s where Moorelands made a difference. Through its Leadership and Summer Camp programs, Moorelands provided me with the skills I need to succeed. Moorelands helps youth build confidence and character, make good choices, and above all helps us recognise our potential. Moorelands changed my whole life and I can never thank my counsellors David and Katie enough for it.

“Today, I am a successful, young adult on my way to building a good life for myself, and I owe it all to Moorelands. But that’s not all that makes me happy. I’m happy because I know I’m not the only one. There are so many other kids that can benefit from Moorelands. Kids who think their life is going nowhere. Moorelands can give them the drive, the passion and the confidence that they need.

“Moorelands allows youth to do something for themselves, their families, their communities, and serves as inspiration for others to do the same. Moorelands sparks a cycle of competent leaders who get up, get going and do amazing things. Not just for themselves but for their whole community. And for this I am so thankful. ”

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