A letter from Karin Ibscher

Join me in supporting Moorelands Kids with a donation in support of sending more marginalized children and youth to Moorelands Camp this summer! It’s been almost 5 years I since started a fundraising swim around the perimeter of Kawagama Lake as my first retirement project. Thanks to the support of friends and fellow Kawagama cottagers, that swim was a great success, raising over $24,000 to send kids to Moorelands Camp

The young woman on the far left in this photo is Jessica Stoll. I was lucky to have enjoyed adventuring all over Kawagama during the past 20 summers with Jess. She absolutely loved being in and on the water and joined me on the first leg of the 2019 swim. While paddling along the shore that afternoon, Jessica, always a master of word play, suddenly turned to me and said, “Hey! This is a PILSWIMAGE!” The perfect name! 

Sadly, Jessica died by suicide in late December 2023, leaving family and friends devastated. This year’s ‘Pilswimage’ is dedicated to her. As in 2019, I will swim the 131 km perimeter of Kawagama Lake, including all islands (never more than 4 meters from shore) between June 29th – Sept. 2nd, 2024. The map below shows the lake divided into 48 legs (each between 2 and 3 km long), labelled A through VV. I’ll choose which leg to swim on a given day based on weather conditions and the availability of transportation. I’d love you to join me for all or part of a leg. If you’d be willing, please let me know which date(s) are best for you. I’ll also be looking for cottagers to help by running me to and from my start points by boat.

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About Moorelands Camp

Moorelands Kids is built on the foundation that every child, regardless of their economic circumstances, has the right to succeed in life. This purpose is brought to life by providing kids who face economic barriers with the opportunity to spend a week at Moorelands Camp, forming friendships and memories, surrounded by the beauty of Kawagama Lake.

Swimming, canoeing, music, kayaking, archery, ropes courses, arts and crafts and overnight tripping… the spirit of the wilderness! And built into all this fun are character and leadership lessons – communication, teamwork, problem solving and goal setting – the development of skills necessary for life success.

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