Jonah’s Journey at Moorelands

For many kids, Moorelands Camp is an experience they will never forget. It is a summer of fun, friendship and new adventures, and so many children and youth report that they can’t wait to come back. Among them, 14-year-old Jonah was transformed by his experience at Moorelands Camp. Jonah’s journey with Moorelands began in 2019 when he was nine years old. His family heard about the camp through the Ontario Works program and registered Jonah for his first summer.  

Like many first-time campers, Jonah was initially anxious. “I was nervous about being away from my family. But I wanted to experience something new,” he says. 

However, the nerves quickly dissipated as Jonah discovered the welcoming and exciting atmosphere of Moorelands, where he did not struggle to make new friends. “Making friends at Moorelands is easy,” he says. “On the first day, you introduce yourself to your cabin members by playing games while waiting for the boat to come.”

Looking back, some of his favourite memories at camp are sitting around a campfire singing songs with fellow campers and staff who become dedicated role models to all kids.

But Moorelands is more than just a place for fun and friendship—it’s an intentional and experiential learning environment where kids develop valuable life and leadership skills. 

“I learned many things, like respecting others and how to be a leader, swimming, and kayaking,” says Jonah. “I practise respecting others at school with my peers and teachers. I also have more understanding of my parents’ roles at home, and I respect them for all the hard work they put into supporting and loving my sister and me.”

According to Jonah’s mom, Rebecca, Jonah looks forward to camp every year and has built connections with campers, staff and cabin leaders, who are all welcoming and friendly. It has been a gift of growth for Jonah, encouraging him to become more confident and independent. “He has grown over the years because of Moorelands,” says Rebecca. “It brings me joy that he is happy and has something amazing to celebrate and look forward to at the end of his school year. ( ”

For other parents whose children might be hesitant about starting at Moorelands Camp, Rebecca offers words of encouragement. “Enrol your children even if they are scared at first,” she says. “Your child will come back with a sense of independence and accomplishment.”

For Jonah and countless other campers, Moorelands allows them a summer filled with laughter, growth and the magic of camp.

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