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Moorelands volunteers are 18 year of age or older; exceptions made forlifeguards with there NLS.
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Do you have any medical, mental or emotional conditions that may impact your work at camp? Yes No

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Please note all menu concerns that may affect food service.
Be specific (For example, if you are a vegetarian, be specific about what you eat - fish, no eggs, etc.)

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How did you hear about Moorelands Wilderness Camp?

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2016 Camp Dates

We welcome and value volunteers at Moorelands Camp. We ask that as a volunteer you commit to an entire session; it is consistent for the campers and camp. Attending Training Week before volunteering will give you the opportunity to meet and get to know the staff, have knowledge of camp routines and programming.

Training week is June 26 to July 2,2016

Are you available all summer?

If "NO", What seesions are you available for?
Camp 1 July 4 -  July 9
Camp 2  July 11 -  July 16
Camp 3  July 18 - July 23
Camp 4 July 25 - July 30
Camp 5  Aug 1 -  Aug 6
Camp 6  Aug 8 -  Aug 13

Volunteer Positions

Cabin Life Assistant Under the supervision of a Cabin Leader, Cabin Life Assistants help Cabin leaders who lead and meet the needs of youth lead activities and participate in caring for the camp facility.
General Program Assistant You assist in special program areas for example; canoeing, kayak, archery, challenge course, sports and vocal music
Lifeguard Minimum 17 years old with NLS.
Out-Trip Leaders Current Bronze Cross or NLS, ORCA Basic Instructors and thorough knowledge of canoeing, tripping outdoor living skills
Minimum 18 years old
Arts & Crafts assistant Assist the Arts & Crafts Area Leader with organizing supplies, preparing materials, assisting in the class, clean up, and making decorations.
Service Team The service team supports the camp with behind the scenes tasks for example; overseeing the maintaining of washrooms/showers, grounds keeping, receiving food orders, renovations and other regular daily operating routines
Special Projects We match your skills & talents with special projects around the camp For example: a specific arts & crafts project, office work, or activity program.
Photographer   Help document the camp experience. By taking pictures of camp life. You may even produce a slide show for the campers at the end of the session!
Transportation Assistant Duties are in the city helping to register, load and unload campers at the bus. Assistants help for approximately 2 hours either when the bus is being loaded or unloaded.
Nursing Assisting the Nurse to promote the general health of the campers.
Office Administrator
  • Camp: assist with administration tasks including making camper paperwork packages and organizing photos
  • Office (in Toronto): Making phone calls and mailing to families

What position (s) are you applying for this summer?
List in your order of preference and briefly describe your relevant experience and certifications.

What prompted you to apply for volunteer work at Moorelands Camp?

Why is it important for you to serve children this summer?

What do you think would be the most challenging aspect of being a volunteer at Moorelands Camp?

Moorelands Wilderness Camp is smoke free, alcohol free and drug free.Your lifestyle habits should be a positive reflection of the Moorelands community and Culture.



To complete your application we need three references.

Acceptable references are employers, teacher/professors, community/recreation leaders, coaches NOT peers and family members. Good references know your character, your work habits and will be able to comment on your suitability for the position.

Send your references this link to the form. https://www.moorelands.ca/jobs/wilderness-staff-form/
We appreciate the time and effort you put into completing this application. All volunteers will be required to consent to a police check.

As we put our summer team together if your skills, experience and availability are a good match we will contact you for an interview.

Thank you again for your interest in Moorelands