Century Club

Moorelands Kids’ Century Club is made up of incredible donors who have been supporting Moorelands Kids for 20 years or more. Their support has empowered thousands of children affected by poverty and transformed countless lives.

Here are some of our Century Club Donors. To read their amazing stories of generosity, click on any photo below.


What is Moorelands Century Club?

Just picture it – a forest grove, Moorelands’ Century Forest, growing tall and strong, providing beauty and shade to successive waves of campers, many of whom have never before spent a holiday outside the city.

That forest grove is the gift of Moorelands Century Club, 567 donors who have accomplished amazing things.

And it marks the 100th anniversary of Moorelands Community Services, founded in 1912 as the Downtown Churchworker’s Association to children and young people whose lives have been affected by poverty.

Among our donors, the Century Club members have played an important part in improving the future opportunities of our children, donating to Moorelands for 20 years – and more – to help us achieve our goals.

This group of 567 donors has helped keep newborns warm in Baby Bundles, made Christmas a season of joyful sharing, and sponsored After-school Programs for youngsters in elementary schools, where they are safe, learn new skills, develop trust, competence and character, display leadership and practise a sense of fair play.

Because of Century Club members and their ongoing commitment, thousands of children served by Moorelands have spent their summers having fun, participating in our City Programs and taking their first steps away from home at our magnificent Camp. And we have watched a new generation of young leaders emerge.

So, to mark our 100th anniversary in 2012, we wanted to thank them all in a way that acknowledges their investment in the future of Moorelands.

We are planting a tree in honour of each Century Club member at Moorelands Camp on Lake Kawagama in the Algonquin Highlands.

The tree planting started in the spring of 2009 and will continue in several stages over the next couple of years.

As this forest grove thrives, it is our dream – and we hope yours as well – that Moorelands will continue to foster brighter futures for the next 100 years.

And now, as we gear up for Camp’s 100th Birthday, we’d like to hear the stories of the people who’ve shaped Moorelands – people like YOU! To share your story of how you became involved, please contact us at 416-466-9987 ext.312 or by mail at 250 Merton Street, Suite 501, Toronto, ON M4S 1B1. We’d love to hear from you!