Family Day is Here!

Family Day is Here!

This Family Day, we’re celebrating how YOU share your gifts and strengths with children in families facing economic barriers.

“This beautiful bundle provided great assistance to our client, Chelsea. She and family are currently homeless, with five children — that includes one infant and one toddler. Recently, they were staying with Chelsea’s mom, but they were asked to leave with nothing. It has been a very tough time for the whole family. But your gift provided some hope and relief. This bundle was perfect for baby!”

A Family Day thank you from our partners at Seventh Generation Midwives

Celebrating what our Moorelands Kids Family Made possible in 2019

family day - how our moorelands kids family has helped

Because of your support, 145 kids in grades 1-5 experienced the fun, rich learning opportunities found in our BLAST after-school program.

Our Moorelands Kids family shared camp with kids in their community

By engaging your peers and through your own actions, 694 camp spaces were filled with joyful kids in the 2019 year!

Our Christmas Sharing adopters shopped to support 956 children with Christmas gifts. Many of our families tell us your gifts “tide us over through some very tough times in January.”

337 newborns were welcomed with essential supplies and beautiful gifts through the Moorelands Kids’ Baby Bundles 2019 program!

With your help, 180 VITAL and LED after-school program kids learned about volunteering and their role in building strong communities. Those in programs at Christmas benefitted from
your support in our Mitts & a Movie campaign.

“I did not have baby stuff and I have no income right now. Getting the baby bundle helped me with stress, gave me hope and it will help me use what money I have towards food and rent. I am very thankful for the beautiful gifts for my baby!”

A message from Dani, a Moorelands Kids’ Baby Bundles recipient delivered through our partnership with St. Stephen’s Community House

Thank you for sharing your support in 2019!

Stronger together! Consider making a donation that will give vulnerable kids access to nurturing support throughout the year.

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