Executive Director’s Report 2018

Lynda Tilley Executive Director
Lynda Tilley, Executive Director

Change is Possible

At Moorelands Kids, we intend to drive success for Toronto’s children and youth from low-income families. Moorelands Kids was established in 1912 out of a desire to fight against the impact of grinding poverty, disease and hopelessness facing thousands of families in Toronto.

107 years later outlooks are better for children and youth. Recent reports cite poverty on the decline with only one in four kids facing life below the poverty line. Good News! But one in four is still one too many in an affluent city like ours.

What would you say when you learn that in the communities Moorelands Kids serves, three in every four kids are living below the poverty line?

Children and youth affected by poverty face hurdles that other kids don’t. The kids struggle, their families struggle. That’s where Moorelands Kids steps in with real opportunity that can make change possible. The Moorelands Kids value proposition – we encourage kids to transform their lives – is an invitation to our children and families. We believe that every child has the right to succeed in life, regardless of their life circumstance.

Our team and our impact-driven leadership programs empower kids to become strong, positive leaders. And yes it’s true; we are the only charity teaching children as young as six how to be leaders.

In 2018, we invested in our children, we invested in our infrastructure and you invested in us. Significant investment on all fronts fueled a year of extraordinary success.

We exist to bridge gaps for children who do not have the opportunity or means to access out-of-school programs that bring significant growth in their developing years. Being able to influence kids when the course for their life is being set is key. In 2018, we worked hard to clarify our message; for our families, donors and staff. These changes help portray our strengths and the opportunities we provide for the children and youth of our communities.

A primary focus for Moorelands Kids is to build on the strengths kids already possess; empowering them to change their lives. Moorelands Kids offers children and youth the experience of practicing habits that will bring positive change and help them develop the character qualities that will be part of their life success.

There will always be a need for supportive human relationships and interaction. Our leadership-based family, after- school and camp programs provide children and youth with the opportunity to build on their strengths.

We work with kids and kids love fun. So these principals are taught through games and fun activities, which resonate with kids. The kids don’t even realise just how much they are taking in until they mature and have the ability to reflect on what they’ve gained. We offer kids a safe place to be and to practice these leadership learnings – we have the chance to model what respect, leadership and confidence look like.

Our kids are growing up in a fast-paced and ever-changing world. Electronic communication is a major presence in their lives and yet research tells us that building genuine relationships with real people is where real change and growth occurs. Moorelands Kids, as in this remarkable year, must also change and grow. And Moorelands Kids, by design and through your commitment, will continue to reflect your values, build strong relationships with kids and offer them that safe, fun place to grow.

Thank you for believing in us.

Respectfully Submitted,

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Lynda Tilley

Executive Director | Moorelands Kids

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