Creating Connections, One Baby Bundle at a Time

Moorelands Kids’ Baby Bundles program provides new mothers living below the poverty line with a gift to welcome their baby. A Baby Bundle is provided at no cost to recipients and includes much-needed supplies such as blankets, bibs, sleepers and sweaters, wash cloths and hygiene items.

According to Statistics Canada, 10% of women in Canada live on low incomes, many of which are marginalized. One-parent families and immigrants who recently came to Canada are usually at higher risk of experiencing poverty, particularly in large urban centres such as Toronto. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this inequality.

In addition to providing practical support to moms as they prepare for their newborn to enter the world, a Baby Bundle also provides connection at a critical time. At Moorelands Kids, we work with local agencies that connect us with mothers most in need — whether they are single moms, newcomers to Canada looking to get on their feet, or young families needing income support. Each bundle connects a new mom with a health care worker and community supports that help provide education in the care of their baby, as well as resources to get them started.

In 2021, Moorelands Kids distributed 329 Baby Bundles to mothers and their babies.

One recipient, a newcomer to Canada, was excited about welcoming a new baby, but was worried she wouldn’t be able to provide everything her baby needed. A worker at the Macaulay Child Development Centre referred her to our program, and she was extremely thankful to receive the support. She cherished the hand-knitted items included in the bundle.

Eighty-six percent of moms who received Baby Bundles in 2021 are staying connected, still receiving ongoing support from our partner agencies. When you donate to Moorelands Kids Baby Bundles, you create these vital connections for moms in need.

This year, the last day to drop off a Baby Bundle is December 5th, so hurry if you would still like to make a newborn and mom especially supported this Christmas!

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