Carolyn Fredenburg

Carolyn Fredenburg’s Story

“Planned giving is about imagining a world that isn’t there yet – and then making it so.”

Carolyn Keen Fredenburg so enjoyed camping as a child that supporting Moorelands Community Services was simply a natural thing to do.

Carolyn was introduced to camping at age 12 and, as she says, “I loved it!”  She savored the camaraderie, the well-structured programmes, sing-songs and, of course, the many friends she made. “I went on to become a swimming and canoeing counsellor, always at camps operated by non-profit organizations.” We’ll let Carolyn tell her own story about her partnership with Moorelands.

“As an adult, a very good friend and fellow parishioner at St. George’s-on-the-Hill Anglican Church, Etobicoke, introduced me to Moorelands and its work with disadvantaged children, I was so impressed with Moorelands that I became one of its most avid supporters. Some campers train to become counsellors themselves; some go on into professions that help children. Thus Moorelands’ influence is far-reaching.

Camping is an Integral Part of Moorelands

 “I view camping as an integral part of Moorelands’ programming. It’s not just the time away and the beauty of Lake Kawagama.  It’s the excellent, intentional programmes aimed at building self-confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills. The kids don’t have to be aware of Moorelands’ lofty goals. They just have fun. Sometimes that’s the best way to learn.   

A retired high school English teacher, Carolyn lives in Etobicoke, Toronto.  She is active in her parish and it’s Anglican Church Women (ACW).  She has provided leadership in a number of not-for-profit organizations over the years, likes to travel, sing in choirs, hike, read voraciously, and thoroughly enjoys time spent with her 4 sons and grandchildren.  Life is good. Carolyn also remains deeply committed to Moorelands Community Services, so much so that she has remembered it with a gift in her will.

Leaving a Legacy

Making a planned gift was an easy decision for Carolyn to make.  She respects the staff there highly.  In addition to Moorelands’ camping activities, she also values the ongoing programmes that help youth throughout the year.  As Carolyn says, “It’s more than just keeping kids busy.  It’s about teaching them useful life skills.  It’s about building character.  It’s about giving kids hope.” 

Carolyn has left her future legacy gift undesignated.  Who knows what future priorities will be and she has every confidence that Moorelands’ Board of Directors will use her gift wisely. She also urges everyone to please consider remembering Moorelands with a gift in their own estate plans.  Her comments are insightful.   Moorelands Camp is all about abundance — an abundance of food, an abundance of friends, an abundance of fun.  One camper wrote, “Moorelands changed my life!” How can you go wrong by remembering an organization like that?”

Transforming Lives

You too may help transform children’s lives by remembering Moorelands Community Services with your own legacy gift.  For information, please contact Maureen Lewis, Director of Development and Communications at; 416-466-9987 Ext. 307.

Have you already left a legacy for Moorelands?  If so, please let us know.  We can ensure your future gift will be used exactly as you wish, explain tax benefits for your estate, and offer you recognition—or not—as you wish.

We’ll leave the last word to Carolyn, “I feel privileged to be a supporter of such a wonderful organization. Keep it going Moorelands!”Have questions about remembering Moorelands with a legacy gift? Please contact Maureen Lewis, Director of Development and Communications, at or 416-466-9987 Ext. 307

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