Behind the scenes at Baby Bundles

Behind the Scenes at Baby Bundles

By Danielle Buller, Baby Bundles Coordinator

Baby Bundles is the longest-running program at Moorelands Kids – we’ve been supporting new moms in need since 1912! Our program runs in partnership with 13 other community agencies supporting marginalized moms who are seeking community supports.   Moms in need of assistance are able to access the program by connecting with our partners who, in turn, connect with us to provide the bundles.

Baby Bundles: A Volunteer Focused Program

Baby Bundles volunteers

Up until the pandemic hit, we were able to rely on the steadfast support of our amazing, dedicated volunteers – Carole, Diane and Margo – who would come into our office and pack the bundles on an as-needed basis, which was so kind and thoughtful!  When our offices had to close, I was very nervous about how we could continue this amazing program without them being able to come in and volunteer. Theirs were gigantic shoes to fill!

Changes and Opportunities

We decided to take a look at the program and see if this could be an opportunity to try something different.  RBC team members came in one Saturday in early 2020 for a Team Action Day and built over 60 bundles. This Christmas, we had a LOT of donations from generous donors in our ‘drive-through drop-off!’ Now, we’re piloting a new way to distribute our bundles with our partner agencies, and following COVID handling protocols to keep everyone safe.

This Christmas, our team was able to pack and send out 313 bundles for our partners, bringing our yearly total to 415! I was just blown away by the donations we received – so many donors gave more than what was asked! Thank you to everyone who donated – you have provided not only supplies, but a huge support network to moms living below the poverty line.

Finally, I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to Carole, Diane and Margo for your tremendous service over the years. Your commitment is inspiring – we miss you!

a baby bundle donor drops her gifts
A Baby Bundles donor drops her gifts

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