Baby Bundles make a difference

An Inside Look at How Baby Bundles Make a Difference

“When we give the Baby Bundles, it’s being given to [mothers] that really don’t have the means to have nice things for their baby.” Lois Nuk, Supervisor at Macaulay Child Development Centre

150 to 200. That’s how many new moms, on average, receive Moorelands Baby Bundles per year.

Baby Bundles contain basic new items needed in the care of newborns and help mothers in need give their baby a healthy start. This volunteer-based program has had a truly incredible impact on many new moms – but just how much of an impact?

Baby Bundles Make a Difference

We spoke to some of our agency partners who shared with us the amazing difference a Moorelands Baby Bundle makes. It’s not only the gift, it’s the thought that others care about their child and their needs that make such an impact.

You may be wondering, how exactly do our agency partners use the Baby Bundle program?

Connecting with Moms in Need

As Faith Hatchett, Health Promotion Nurse at Jessie Centre, explains:

“For any prenatal participant, we ask them if they’re in need of extra baby supplies”. Once they have a list of mothers in need, they “connect with Moorelands and send in a request depending on how many numbers, and hand [the Baby Bundles] out to the participants”.

The great part about this is that it gives Jessie Centre a great reason to connect with new moms needing community support and provides a bonding experience for sharing knowledge with the new mother.

Brand New Items Packed with Love

We then asked our agency partners what makes Baby Bundles so rewarding for the mother in need. They shared with us their warm thoughts:

Faith explains that, “oftentimes [people] donate gently used or really poorly used clothes. With Moorelands, it’s all brand new, so they get a sense that it’s the first time being used”. She adds that, “Oftentimes when people donate there’s always something that they’re looking to gain. [With Moorelands] there are no strings attached. That’s the biggest thing”.

Helping those in Shelters as well as Newcomers

Jill Cunningham, Site Manager at Red Door Family Shelter, shared with us her opinion as well on why Baby Bundles make a difference. She explains that pregnancy is, “a special time” but that, “it’s also a time when moms have a lot of anxiety about whether they’re going to be able to provide. [With Baby Bundles], it feels like somebody else is caring as well as alleviates some anxiety about having those nice things”.

Lois Nuk, Supervisor at Macaulay Child Development Centre, shared with us how Baby Bundles help newcomers to Canada. She says that many mothers, “don’t have a network of family resources [in Canada]. They don’t have aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins who are going to have a baby shower or give [the new moms] lovely new things, so when we give the Baby Bundles, it’s being given to [mothers] that really don’t have the means to have nice things for their baby”.

Making a Big Impact

Nicole Howard, Activities Organizer at Robertson House, shared a touching story about a new immigrant mother who came to Canada when she was 9 months pregnant and had her baby the day after she arrived. Nicole explained that the poor mother brought absolutely no baby supplies on the plane, so when she received her very own Moorelands Baby Bundle, it meant the world to her. It’s heart-warming stories like this that show how much of an impact our volunteers have!

It really was wonderful to have the chance to talk to our agency partners and get an inside look at how Moorelands Baby Bundle program makes a positive difference in the life of a mother and her child.Faith sums it up beautifully well when she illustrates that magical moment of giving a mother her Baby Bundle:

It’s just that gratitude that they have when they actually get something. It’s just their genuine smile of appreciation”.

By Natalie Burns-Holland

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