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Baby Bundles: A Transformative Gift of Hope and Care

What’s the impact of a Moorelands Kids’ baby bundle?

That’s the very question we put to Natalie Di Quattro of Native Child and Family Services, who have partnered with us for more than 12 years.

The impact of a Baby Bundle goes beyond the physical items,” explains Nancy. “It really helps moms that are struggling; it shows that they are special and that the community cares.”

Moorelands Kids’ Baby Bundles program supports 17 Toronto agencies serving families affected by poverty. Most women who attend Natalie’s pre and post-natal programs have been referred by child protection and their newborns are considered high-risk for child welfare. The impact of Moorelands Kids’ Baby Bundles program in the lives of these women is transformative.

“The bundles make such a difference. The moms are ecstatic! We give them out at the end of the prenatal program. They are a great incentive to attend and learn important information about giving babies a loving, healthy start.”

Natalie explains how the toiletries “get them started” and how the books “will help them in their journey to connect with their child.

For Natalie, helping mothers build this connection is a baby bundle’s greatest gift to her participants.

There was one mother who was quite low and apprehensive about all the challenges ahead before the birth.  When I saw her again, her newborn was dressed top-to-toe in hand-knitted items from the bundle. She asked me, “Who made this for my daughter?” and was overcome; she couldn’t believe that someone would go to that effort. It inspired her. She wanted to learn to knit herself so that she too could provide for her baby. The bundle had helped build her attachment.”

Natalie has a clear message for all the Baby Bundle volunteers and donors:

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your effort and support have a long-term impact – it helps these women understand that they, and their babies, matter. Thank you!”

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